NSX Club of America

What Is The NSX Club of America?

The NSX Club of America (NSXCA), serving the US and Canada, is the official NSX club for North America, recognized by Acura/America Honda.
Official website: http://www.nsxca.org

History of the NSXCA

In the Beginning

by David Hwang
Where did the idea for a club arise? Probably the answer is in Southern California. A group of NSX owners there created an owner club. But their priorities were a little different than those of many NSX owners. They continue to exist and grow.
The idea for the NSXCA swirled about in my head for the last couple of years. If I had the energy and guts back in 1994, I would have done a club rather than a mailing list and you all would have had met (or not) in a different way. As I saw the number of e-mail subscribers grow and form sub-lists based on geography, I thought that perhaps there was a critical mass enough to start a club. But after going to NSXPO’97 in Denver and meeting all of you NSX-crazed individuals and finding out how much fun you were to hang out with and how much could be learned from interactions with you, I came to the conclusion that the NSX community could really benefit from something like a club.
About this time, there was some talk about a vendor-sponsored club as well. It occurred to me that it was probably in the best interests of NSX owners to have an independent body organizing such a club in order to ensure that the widest diversity of opinions is available. I envisioned an organization that would be able to compare and contrast different vendors/parts accurately and insightfully, and even offer criticism (constructive, of course) when applicable.
So I approached Acura with this concept and they agreed that it would be nice to be able to create a well-bonded NSX owner community. We had been doing a good job of attracting people on the internet via e-mail and the web site, but there were far more owners out there who didn’t surf the net or use e-mail. These people are probably where a lot of you were before you found the lists — islands, without connections to other owners and not really knowing where to start to find other owners and learn more about your NSX.
They have been very helpful to us in helping us create this club, but we have always maintained that we do not want to be a subsidiary or mouthpiece for Acura Corporate. We wanted to be a club created and run by NSX owners for the benefit of all NSX owners. So this remains our mission. We are still hammering out the details on how we can achieve this idealistic goal, but we are making constant progress.
To get the club organized and off the ground, I solicited the help of a diverse handful of active, enthusiastic, NSX owners whose names you probably know. We bounced ideas off of each other and worked hard to put the pieces together.
Although much work has gone on in the background, our job is far from being done. We are continuing to refine our vision and working to make this club exciting and worthwhile joining. We are just now at the first part of our public exposure. The future is not known. But we will make the best of the resources we have available to us.
When one talks of benefits, there are those that directly benefit members individually, and those that benefit all members globally. We hope to appeal to both aspects. Individually, we will be providing members will an informative, interesting newsletter, arranging for club discounts, and providing mementos. For now, more benefits will be of a more global nature such as providing the support (such as insurance coverage, licensing arrangements) for NSXPO, helping regional chapters grow, acting as a clearinghouse for NSX related information, continuing the mailing lists, convey our collective wishes to Acura and after-market vendors, reaching more owners (especially those without internet access), and more things as they come up. To a certain extent, we are going to need to rely on some feedback from the members to decide what things to focus on.
We are going to work very hard to make the club worth your while so that you will want to continue to ride along with us for the duration of the journey. I apologize that I don’t have a beautiful, canned piece of prose outlining all the possible angles. We are a volunteer, not for profit endeavor devoted to helping the NSX community grow larger and stronger. I feel honored to be able to have provided these mailing lists to owners and enthusiasts and created our own little community. Trust me, I’ve gotten tons of grief to go with the occasional word of thanks from subscribers, but I truly feel that we have created something good here, something that is worth working on to continue and improve. The NSXCA is an extension of this thinking.
I hope you will join in this journey. Sometimes the fun is in the journey and not so much in the destination.

The Dream is Realized

by Ken Sax
The NSXCA was established as a legal entity around April 1, 1998. A mailing, publicizing the club and its NSXPO ’98 event, went out during the previous month. 189 members had responded by the time the club’s bank account was opened. Member numbers 1 through 8 were assigned to the club’s initial board members; 9 through 189 were assigned randomly to the rest of the first batch of applications. Since that time, member numbers have been assigned sequentially to new members as they join.

NSXCA Regions

Midwest: Missouri, Minnesota, Idaho, Montana, Wisconsin, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky, Kansas, North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska
North East: Maryland, Washington DC, Pennsylvania, Delaware, New Jersey, New York, Connecticut, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine
North West: Northern California, Oregon, Alaska, Washington, Idaho, Montana, Wyoming and British Columbia, Canada
South Central: Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas, Louisiana, Mississippi
South East: Tennesee, Alabama, Florida, Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, Virginia, West Virginia
South West: Southern California, Arizona, Nevada, New Mexico, Utah, Colorado, and Hawaii. Hotline: (562) 690-8479 (voice/fax)

NSXCA Chapters

NSXCA Chapters are sub-groups within regions centered around a specific state or part of the region.
Florida: Contact: Wei-Shen Chin, wchin@ctinet.net Web: http://www.nsxflorida.com
Sacramento: Contact: Web: sacramento.nsxca.org
San Diego: Contact: Mark Johnson, imhuge@juno.com Web: badasshondas.com/sdnsx/Gallery/page1.htm
Pacific Northwest: Contact: John Hudak, seattlensxclub@gmail.com
California Coastal: Contact: John Richards Web: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/CalCoastalNSX/

NSXCA Club Radios

The NSX Club of America uses radios to communicate at club events and on club drives.