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Honda NSX – by Bruno DePrato

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Darwin’s Blade, by Dan Simmons

[MF – 2001/3/4] I am reading "Darwin’s Blade" by Dan Simmons, and the lead character (Dar) drives a black 1992 NSX. Pretty cool the way he describes it in the chase scenes. I guess the author has an NSX of his own, as he mentions it in the first couple pages during his "thanks you’s". The only details I noticed wrong in the book so far were that he says the car only has a 7800 RPM redline instead of 8000 RPM, even thought it is a manual shift.

Just Do It, by Donald Katz

[KE] I just bought this book "Just Do It, the NIKE spirit in the corporate world" by Donald Katz, and thought you guys may like this small excerpt:


"On a cold day in early January, Phil Knight's elegant jet-black Acura NSX sports car, sporting the license plate that read NIKEMN, growled through the Oregon morning... Knight pulled into his parking space... and began to unfurl from the high-tech cockpit of the automobile, an appropriately Asian rendition of an otherwise less efficient and far more expensive Italian car."

It also goes on to state that he owns a Lamborgihini Diablo and Ferrari Testarossa that he was just holding until the resale prices went back up.

Mind Prey, by John Stafford

[GBI] A murder-mystery novel which includes the following passage:


"There's Davenport," Black said, and Sherrill looked back at the parking lot. Lucas was just getting out of his Porsche. The lot around him was sprinkled with 700-series BMWs and S-Class Mercedeses, a few Lexuses and Cadillacs, and the odd Jaguar, among the usual Chevys and Fords. Lucas circled a black Acura NSX that had been carefully parked away from the other cars, stopped to look in the driver's side window. "Speaking of rich," Sherrill said.


When Lucas arrived at Wolfe's, Sloan was examining the same NSX that Lucas had cruised in the morning. "Heavy metal," he said, as he slouched over to Lucas. "Makes the Porsche look like a fuckin' Packard."


"The NSX could bite you on the ass," Lucas said, looking at the car.

The NSX Honda’s Super Sports Car – Leith McGrandle, editor

No date given but estimate published in 1992 or 1992. Hardcover, size 9" x 12", 128 pages. ISBN 0 951775103

Published by:

 Redwood Publishing Limited
 Corporate Publishing Division
 20-26 Brunswick Place
 London N16DJ

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