Notifying Acura

How Do I Notify Acura When I Buy or Sell A Car?

[KS, CEW] The only way Acura will know how to contact you is if you tell them who you are.  If you bought your car (new or used) from an Acura dealer, you should be in all the databases.  If you bought it from an individual  or non-Acura dealer and have not contacted Acura, they do not know who you are.

Contacting Acura with this information is quick and easy. Go to your nearest Acura Dealer and ask them to do a

 "CUSTOMER UPDATE" with your VIN and Name and Address.  This is the ONLY way  to get on ALL of their mailing lists.

[MBA – 99/8/19] Acura keeps a serious list of owners of record for several IMPORTANT reasons. If there is a recall, notices are sent out strictly by Acura’s owner list, not those of DMV. The old owner will be the one to get these always. Acura has sole responsibility for tracking the current owner in the event of a safety recall. Acura Driver magazine is mailed to the last owner of record, as well as other promotional stuff from the factory (which you may or not want).

My experience working a dozen years at an Acura / Honda dealership is definitely fill out a Change Of Ownership Information form which is provided to the dealers, and can also be had by calling the zone office listed in your owners manual. (there is six or eight of them). If you go to the dealer, most often they can be had at the finance office, or where ever you initiated your paperwork.

Extended Warranties

[BCH – 99/8/19] The standard factory warranty follows the car. Any extended warranty purchased by the previous owner does NOT usually follow the car automatically. You might have to fill in a transfer form of some kind.

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