What Navigation Systems Have Been Installed?

Garmin GPS

[BM] Got a lot of interest in the dash mounted Garmin Street Pilot at the Hearst event. It worked very well, and I was extremely pleased with its performance. For those who have not seen one, it has the map of the United States built in… no compact disk running with constant updates. With Metro cartridges available to supply the detail for the area you are in or traveling to, it is a serious tool to help you find your way, estimate distance between waypoints, and something to bail you out when you get lost.

In spite of Chris Anders saying us old farts have compasses on our dash, it is really quite useful. After the Hearst event, I toured Monterey on Sunday.. Easy to get lost in a strange town. I just turned the thing on, waited for it to acquire satellites, and zoomed in for a very detailed map of the area and used it to get back to the freeway. I like it. It lights up at night as well as reverses to a negative effect for night viewing. The orange backlight matches the NSX dash lights. Really neat. I love it, and like a real man, didn’t have to stop and ask directions!

My experience so far with the Metro cartridges has also been good. I bought the Sacramento Metro cartidge, and all you have to do is type in the specific address you want to find, and it will direct you there. Pretty slick. Cartridges available for most metropolitan areas, I assume with more to come. I think the cartridge price is a rip-off, but I am sure comptetition will bring the price down.

Sony satellite navigation system

[JK] The clock module was removed and the display mounted there. It wasn’t necessary to cut or drill into the car.