Misc Detailing

How Can I Polish Plastic?

[GM]  I’ve had good results using 3M’s plastic polish on the rear tailights, makes ’em look new. For badly marked plastic 3M has a 2-step process … a cleaner followed by a polish. I buy 3M stuff at Napa.

 How Can I Clean The Suspension?

[GM] Eagle One makes a terrific spray on Aluminum cleaner if you want to clean the suspension arms. Black bottle with pink label.

 How Can I Clean The Engine Cover?

A lint roller works well for cleaning the black fuzz covering the engine cover.  A 2-3 inch wide strip of masking tape works very well too.

 What About That Annoying Towel Lint?

[GM] Many people prefer cotton towels for drying because the thick nap protects the finish from debris that can scratch and they can be cleaned after each use so you don’t start with a dirty towel or chamois. To avoid lint on black cars buy some black towels for car use only. Any lint they leave behind will be invisible. Same idea for red cars etc. You’ll look like a pro at car club meets and it makes your car stuff stand out from the regular family towels!

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