Mesh Side Air Intake

Mesh "Zanardi NSX Style" Side Air Intakes

by David Nguyen

The Zanardi style mesh side vents goes for $175 PER SIDE! If you’ve got some time and about $10 to spare, you can make your own mesh vents. All you need is a sheet of aluminum sash from your local Home Depot store (8′ sections for $5) and a can of Rust-o-leum ($5). 


  • Remove wheel
  • Remove inner liner 
  • Remove the two "Special Mounting Nut" as shown. You'll have to reach waaay in there. 
  • Remove the Side Air Scoop 
  • You'll notice that the assembly is in two pieces. Remove the Vent Louvre 
  • Cut a piece of sash, bend around the vent opening to fit 
  • Once fitted, spray paint the sash, let dry and epoxy to the vent opening. 

It sounds pretty easy, and it is. The only tough part is getting the Side Air Scoop off the car. 

Bonus: The opening will be larger now because the original Vent Louver is tapered. Now, with the larger opening, you will get more airflow into the engine compartment/air box. 

The Finished Product

Do It Yourself

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