Marketplace Rules

Using The Marketplace

CAVEAT EMPTOR! These days scammers are active in any public online marketplace, including niche sites like this one. This is not a theoretical warning! People have been scammed on this site. Please read Avoid Online Scams before doing business here. Seriously.

This site gives you free access to the largest NSX-specific marketplace in the world. While it is provided for free, a considerable amount of time, money and effort goes into making all this work. If it benefits you, please consider becoming a paid member to help support this platform for the NSX community.

Rules Of The Game

  1. Provide detailed descriptions: Ads must include detailed information on what is being sold. No vague ads such as “parting out a car, e-mail with requests.”
  2. Asking price required: This is not an auction site. You must list a price at which you will sell all cars and normal parts. You can add “or best offer,” but you must be willing to sell for the asking price. If you want to hold an auction, please use an auction service such as eBay and then simply post a link to your eBay auction. 
  3. Subject line: Use a title that simply describes the content of your ad, such as “1991 OEM wheels.” Do not use all capital letters or special characters like *** or !!! to try to draw attention to your ad. Do not put anything in the title of your ad that you might want to change later such as asking price; you cannot edit the subject of an ad later.
  4. One ad per item: Do not create multiple threads for the same item; continue to revise or “bump” your existing thread.
  5. Leave the ad after the deal: Historic pricing info and product / vehicle descriptions are valuable to the community in the future. Please do not edit them out of your ad after the sale has been completed..

Special Rules

  1. NSX for sale (running or parts car): Use the NSX For Sale Form.
  2. Engine or Transmission: Serial number two ways: typed into the ad, and shown in a photo.
  3. Group Buys: All group buys belong in the Vendor forum. The party taking payment must be a registered vendor.
  4. Resellers: People trying to flip a large number of parts for profit may be required become a registered vendor.

Common Marketplace Questions & Answers

Why Was My Ad / Post Deleted?

It was not in compliance with the rules listed above. Read them again carefully.

How Do I Contact The Marketplace Forum Moderators?

The moderators for all forums are displayed in the bottom right-hand corner of any Marketplace forum page. You can click on their name to contact them. Marketplace-related comments or requests you send to one moderator may be shared with the other moderators in order to better address your issue. Please do not send the same request to multiple moderators – it just confuses everyone and wastes time.

Can I Include Pictures With My Ad?

Absolutely! Pictures are encouraged and if they are not included you will often be flooded with e-mails asking for pictures. The best way is to upload your pictures to the NSX Prime photo gallery which will automatically resize them and supports linking. It is completely free and even gives you the [img] tag code so you can just copy-and-paste it into your ad. You can also link them from any other website that allows remote inline linking of photos. As a last resort you can also simply attach pictures from your computer to the message, but this only supports low-resolution images.

If you have a problem figuring out how to include images in a post, post a message in the NSX Prime help forum. Please do not e-mail the administrator or moderators asking for help adding pictures to your ad.

How Do I Post An Ad?

Simply register for the message forums (it is FREE) and then post your ad in the appropriate section (NSXs For Sale, NSXs Wanted, NSX Parts For Sale, NSX Parts Wanted).


How Long Will My Ad Run?

Ads do not expire. Do not post more than one ad for the same item. 

How Many People Will See My Ad?

The NSX Prime Marketplace is very active. You can see how many people have viewed any of the threads in that section. Many, many parts and cars have been sold through this website.

How Do I End An Ad?

Simply post a reply to your original ad saying that the item has been sold, you found the parts you were looking for, etc. The moderators will then “close” the message thread indicating to everyone that the ad is no longer active.

How Do I Resolve A Dispute With A Buyer / Seller?

Please understand that neither the Marketplace moderators nor the owner/administrator of NSX Prime are not in any position to resolve disputes. It is up to you to safeguard yourself in any transaction.

If you find yourself in a dispute, make every possible effort to resolve the issue via e-mail and phone. If it becomes clear that you are not going to be able to resolve the dispute, you can leave a negative iTrader rating and post your dispute in the Buyer / Seller Experiences forum.

What is a “Feedback Score?”

Every forum member has a feedback score displayed below their username. If you click on the number it takes you to their feedback rating page with comments from other members they’ve done business with. It is important to click on the number to view the actual comments and ratings because someone with 5 negatives and 10 positives will have the same rating as someone with 0 negatives and 5 positives.