NSX Troubleshooting

Trouble getting car into reverse

(From Larry Bastanza – Original Thread):
The issue with reverse, as opposed to many other manual transmissions is that the reverse gear HAS a syncro. In order for it to work properly the mainshaft must be spinning, at least a small amount.
Typically what happens is you start the car with the clutch depressed, then try to go into reverse. At that time the transmission shafts are NOT moving, and reverse, or any other gear, can be difficult.
What you want to do is make sure you release the clutch pedal in nuetral for a second or two WITH THE ENGINE RUNNING, then depress the clutch and go to reverse. By releasing the clutch pedal you will allow the mainshaft in the transmission to spin at engine speed, and allow the syncro to properly operate.
Try it, you will like it 🙂