Leather or Vinyl


  • Seat cushion (top)
  • Seat bolsters
  • Seat backrest
  • Front side of the headrest
  • Door panel inserts
  • Shifter knob
  • Steering wheel


  • Back of the seat backrest
  • Sides of the seating cushion (back and bottom)
  • Inner side of lower seat bolster (portion nearest center carpet)
  • Parking brake lever
  • Shift boot
  • Glovebox door
  • Knee bolsters
  • Dash


The leather has a urethane coat over the dye. It is semi-permeable and will stain, but is water resistant.
They have to put the leather smell back into the cars (all cars, not just NSX) that come to the U.S. Customers don’t like that smell in Japan.
Honda in Japan did extensive testing on what dash material to use. They did have a few with leather and the leather shrunk and the stitching pulled apart. That is why the fake dash but the real stitching. In Japan you can get the stitching in red.
The best way to clean the interior is with a mild detergent and water.