Factory Information

* Year: 2000 Model: NSX-T Exterior Color: Blue Interior Color: Black Transmission: 6-speed

Current Owner

* Name: unknown Prime Username: sid Location: CA

* From: 2005/6 To: 2008






Date Source Seller ID Seller Location Buyer ID Price Mileage Mi/Km Status PDF
MM/DD/YYYY (eg. eBay, Prime, Craigslist) (eg. For sale; Sold; Totalled; Salvage)
06/19/2008 NSXPrime sid CA $58,000 36,346 Mi Prime Owner-for sale

It was basically stock when I bought it. The list of modifications follows:

  • Comptech Autorotor Super Charger installed by AutoWave and dyno’d at 353 rwhp
  • Comptech Exhaust (I will include a stock exhaust)
  • Comptech carbonfiber cold air with carbon fiber lid
  • Dali Polished Billet Coolant Tank
  • SOS Polished Billet Fuse Box Cover
  • Polished SSR Integrals 16’/17″ with tires (I will include the stock wheels and tires as well)
  • SOS Carbon Fiber Dash Trim
  • SOS Polished Billet Instrument Cluster Rings
  • Full Wings West Body Kit
  • Bilstein Adjustable Shocks
  • OEM Car Cover and California Car Cover
  • Six Disc CD Changer
  • Smartenae
  • HRE Polished 547’s with Tires for an additional $2200 (I will not sell these separately at this time).

I will also include all the parts necessary to remove the CTSC and return the car to stock.

US 00 VINs

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