1997 Blue/Black – 6-speed NSX-T. Rear-ended hard on the street and rebuilt by Acura. The repair involved cutting the back end off and welding a new one on. It was then sold at auction in the southwest US around the end of May 1998 and has changed hands through several wholesalers and independent dealers since. At least two dealers have been representing this car as “mint condition” and “flawless.” It is possible they do not know it’s real history because no salvage title was ever issued. Hence, a CarFax or similar title history search comes back clean! One wheel was also curbed at some point and possibly refinished. For sale at various third party dealers in the Phoenix, AZ area in early ’99 with around 14,000 miles for $62,000. Asking price then went UP to the upper 60s. Car was eventually sold to someone in Chicago in mid ’99 . [LE, A/H].; migrated from previous FAQ

Warning – this was declared a salvage VIN at some point. It is also included in the Salvage List which may have additional comments

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