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* Year: 1996 Model: NSX-T Exterior Color: Black Interior Color: Black Transmission: 5-speed

Current Owner

* Name: ??? Prime Username: ?????? Location: ??????

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Date Source Seller ID Seller Location Buyer ID Price Mileage Mi/Km Status PDF
MM/DD/YYYY (eg. eBay, Prime, Craigslist) (eg. For sale; Sold; Totalled; Salvage)
May 17, 2011 AutoTrader Private seller-949-813-9553 PERRIS, CA 92571 $29,000 103,000 Mi Private seller-for sale JH4NA1182TT000306.pdf‎

This is a well maintained Acura NSX with targa top. It currently has about 103k miles on it. I do not beat on it or redline
it. It is always garaged and is not a daily driver. I’ve probably put 3-4k miles on the car since buying it. The interior is
very clean, but the driver seat is torn on the side. I recently detailed the crap out of the car personally, so the paint
looks real good. The photos are from before the detail when I first purchased it. Mods on it include: Dark tint all around
(passenger side is peeling slightly) Lightweight SSR Integral wheels, Shark II short antenna, DC headers, ARK DTX
exhaust, and HKS intake (stock box will be provided). All of these have been installed around 5k miles ago (except the wheels). It recently had some long term maintenance done: clutch kit replaced with OEM less than 1000 miles ago
($3000), valve adjustment ($1300), oil change, all seals and plugs replaced with new OEM, spark plugs replaced, and
front engine mount replaced with much stronger aftermarket unit-these were all done literally 200 miles ago by
Autowave. The previous owners of this car has had other major maintenance done such as replacing the clutch master
and slave cylinders, coolant system flush, battery replacement, brake fluid flush, ignition coils replaced, some
suspension components, and other miscellaneous parts. I believe the timing belt & water pump were done about 3
years ago by the 2nd owner at 77k miles. I have maintenance records down to the 2nd owner. This car has had pretty
much almost all the maintenance done though and all the mechanics that have worked on it give it the thumbs up. All
you have to do is drive it. I have title on hand, which will make for a easy sale.

US 96 VINs

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