Internal Engine Work

Comptech IEM

[CMI – 99/4/15] With the IEM, the first thing I noticed after starting was a deeper growl at idle. Those opened passages where breathing better.  Most of you know, this change mostly benefits the characteristics after v-tec kicks in (perfect for the track). The best way to describe it on the street is that the engine seems to rev easier when you take off.

As you approach v-tec, with your foot to the floor, it feels like a passing gear kicking in. Then it pulls ever so strong to redline. On the track, you don’t notice this surge as your goal is to keep it in the v-tec area a much as possible. The NSX engine was always sweet, but if you look hard enough, there is a little sugar the factory didn’t give you. The folks at Acura of Brookfield did a fine job! Thanks John & Bill