Installing Keyless Entry

’91 through ’94 Models

[CM] This is a post that outlines installation of the Acura keyless entry option for the NSX. I originally received the wrong wiring harness (which, BTW, was a $50.00 replacement part). After a little pushing and pulling, I got Hoehn Acura to send out the new harness (at no charge). The difference between the two is easily detected. The correct harness has only a sixteen pin connector on one side, and an eight pin connector plus a red and yellow lead on the other. It sort of looks like this: —<

. Use your imagination.

The correct part number is 08E65-SLO-2001. The incorrect part is split into three different wires instead of two. (—E) The part number for this is 08E65-SLO-2002. The reason that I mention this is that Hoehn got another kit in to verify my problem, and it had the same (wrong) harness. Anyway, the install is very easy. Follow the directions exactly, and you shouldn’t have a problem. I did notice that the wiring harness in the car (mine’s a ’92) is a little higher than the diagram shows. This is at the point you attach the 8-pin connector. Because of this, I had to really stretch to get all the connections made (the wire, not myself). The ’93 and up models look even easier to install. My point is: do not pay the mechanic to do this install unless you have NO desire to save a buck. It took about an hour, and was actually very fulfilling (especially when I pushed the button and it worked). One more thing worthy of mentioning. My mechanic said not to disconnect the negative lead on the battery merely for time savings. I did this the first time, but not the second. No electrical problems, and about 15 minutes saved. If you’re a real safety freak, go ahead and do it, it’s just not REALLY necessary. With any questions, private me and I’ll post responses public, as I feel that this is good info.

The only tool really needed was a Phillips screwdriver! The glove box has to be removed which involves the trim under it, the door, and the box itself. All of this is done with the Phillips. Once this is off, the 8 pin connector is plugged into the existing harness in the car. Then, the security control unit 16 pin connector is removed. Two pins (yellow and red) must be pushed into existing holes in the 16 pin connector. Replace the connector. Allow the loose connector from the keyless kit to hang down and replace the glove box and door. Mount the receiver to the lower trim piece with screws provided. Replace trim and plug the loose connector into the receiver. Done!

$196.00 + S&H (~$5.00). Yes, it is OEM. Says Acura on the box! This is the same kit that you would get if you had it done at the dealer.

[SK] Judging from the Accessory Installation Instructions for 1991, and those for 1993, the answer appears to be that beginning in 1993 the car was (more) pre-wired for the remote entry module.

The 1993 installation instructions show two steps to connect the module: "Locate the 12-pin connector secured to the main wire harness with blue tape. Plug the 12-pin connector of the keyless entry wire harness into the main harness 12-pin connector." "Plug the keyless entry 14-pin connector into the keyless entry control unit."

In the 1991 instructions, more fun is involved: "Locate the 8-pin connector secured to the main wire harness with blue tape. Plug the 8-pin connector of the keyless entry wire harness into main harness 8-pin connector. Disconnect the 16-pin connector from the security system control unit. Pull up the upper and lower terminal locks to unlock, as shown. Insert the red and yellow terminals from the keyless entry wire harness into the empty cavities of the 16-pin connector as shown. Turn back the terminal locks to their original position. Connect the 16-pin connector to its original position."

 Installing on 1997+ Models

[ed. note: This car worked on was a ’99 but the ’97+ cars should all be the same – if you find otherwise please let me know. ]

[TD – 2000/2/10] I just finished installing the keyless entry kit on my car. When I asked the local dealer how much it would cost me to have it installed – he told me $1,000 with a straight face! I called Tracy Townsend at Gunn Acura in San Antonio, Texas – (210) 696-2462 and he shipped the kit to me the same day – total cost? – $360 including shipping. Installation cost? About 45 minutes of my time because I took my time doing it.

For those of you attempting to install a keyless entry on your ’99s, here it goes:

Keyless Entry Kit for 1999 NSX – Part number: 08E60-SLO-201F. Kit includes 2 transmitter cases, 2 transmitters, 4 batteries (Panasonic CR-1220, 3V), control unit, antenna, wire harness, 2 wire ties, assorted screws, washers and tape plus the owner’s manual.

Tools needed: Phillips #2 screwdriver and 10 mm box wrench to disconnect the battery.

  1. Write down the radio frequencies for the preset buttons.
  3. Open the hood and remove the spare tire.
  5. Disconnect the negative cable from the battery
  7. Inside the vehicle. remove the two self tapping screws from the passenger's side dashboard lower panel. Pull down the front of the panel to release the retaining clips, then pull the panel toward you to release the retaining tab. Release the data link connector (DLC) - this is a little trickier than it sounds. You need to push the connector towards the front of the car through the bracket that is supporting it. There are two locks, one on each side that you need to push in simultaneously to release the connector from the bracket - with a little patience is possible. Now that you got the connector through, you can remove the dashboard lower panel.
  9. Remove the glove box door (four screws).
  11. Remove the glove box striker (two screws). Then, remove the glove box (four screws and two connectors).
  13. Locate the 12 pin connector secured to the vehicle harness with blue tape (top left side). Remove the blue tape to free the connector. Plug the 12 pin connector on the keyless entry wire harness into the vehicle harness 12 pin connector.
  15. Secure the keyless entry wire harness to the vehicle harness with the two wire ties. Be sure not to block the hole in which the dashboard lower panel tab resides.
  17. Reinstall the glove box, striker, and the glove box door.
  19. Using the two 5 x 8 mm washer screws (the smaller ones) install the brackets onto the control unit - you will later use these brackets to attach the control unit to the bottom of the dashboard lower panel. Connect the antenna to the keyless entry control unit.
  21. Using the two pre drilled holes in the passenger's side dashboard lower panel, attack the keyless entry control unit to the panel using the two 6 x 16 mm washer screws and the two nuts. Route the antenna through the hole in the panel, and secure it with the cushion tape provided.
  23. Plug the 14 pin connector of the keyless entry wire harness into the keyless entry control unit.
  25. Reinstall the dashboard lower panel.
  27. Reconnect the negative battery cable.
  29. Check the operation of the keyless entry according to the owner's manual provided.
  31. Reset the radio station presets.
  33. Reset the clock
  35. Reinstall the spare tire.
  37. Enjoy your new keyless system which should have come standard with the car in the first place.

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