Installing Exhaust

[RM] Before removing the stock exhaust, if youspray all the nuts with WD-40 and let it sit for a while, the removal will be very easy.  Otherwise it can be very difficult because the heat tends to lock the nuts in place. Then use some lube when you re-install the new system.

[DH] I had a bolt get rounded off  I replaced my exhaust. What the Acura mechanic did to fix this problem was take a 13mm socket and pound it on to the nut with a hammer. Then take your wrench (hopefully with a long handle) and yank that puppy off there. The other option would be to heat it up with a torch but that certainly wouldn’t be MY first choice.

[CK – 99/11/28] After purchasing an after market ss. exhaust (DC Sports) from another nsx  owner and after reading the DYI page from your site, I undertook the   installation myself. Here are my thoughts to help others.

First spray the exhaust flange connection nuts and bolts with W-D40, next I heated nut and bolts with a torch. After repeating this process several times I used a 14mm (6 point) socket as the 12 point socket I initially tried skipped.

With a 1" piece of steel pipe slipped over the end of the socket handle each nut popped loose and then unscrewed with ease. With a floor jack and  my kids skateboard upside down on the floor jack (the skateboard acts like a cradle for the can part of the exhaust) I was able to lift the exhaust slightly to remove the rubber hangers.

Once this was accomplished I let the floor jack down and with it came the stock exhaust. The after market exhaust was installed by reversing the floor jack procedure and because it is slightly smaller reinstallation was very easy. Take your time on prepping the nuts prior to removal to avoid a lot of grief!! The difference is tremendous!! MUCH BETTER SOUND, MUCH BETTER LOOKS, a noticeable (I think anyway) difference in power from around 4000 rpm through 6000 rpm. It is by far the best bang for buck I’ve spent on the car so far!

Do It Yourself