Headlight Adjuster Fix

This Wiki page was created from information originally submitted by NSXPrime User: zetoolman from this thread.
I took apart the headlight assembly to see how to adjust the lights FINALLY!! I was sick of driving with the pavement FULLY lit up only in front of the car! As everyone has experienced, there appears to be a defective design of the adjuster. So, I thought I would find a way to fix it.
So, here are the EZ instructions!
Take out the headlight assemble. There are 2 screws holding the assembly to the light frame. There is one 10mm nut holding it together. Once you get it out the black plastic piece sorta slides a part. Look on the under edge to see. Then, use a pair of pliers to slid it apart.
Here is a picture of that piece.

Inside of it is the head of the adjusting screw. It is a VERY poor design. I was very surprised to see this.

So, here is the fix! Use some lube and a cordless drill or a screwdriver to loosen up the bolt. I used a Phillips to hold the adjusting star and a cordless to quickly move the adjusting bolt in and out. Pay attention to where it was in the beginning so you can put it back to the same starting point for final assembly. Then, use a piece of that metal cheese grater type stuff you would use to fix a stripped screw hole to hole the head of the adjuster bolt.

First I filed a flat spot on the head of the adjuster. When you look at the head of the bolt, you will see 2 flat spots. File a flat spot on the head at the same spot.

Then cut a piece of that thread fix and press a small piece into each side of the plastic piece that holds the head of the adjuster bolt.

When you put the black plastic pieces back on the head of the bolt. Line it up so the flat spots are resting against the metal fixes you inserted. I used a pair of pliers to easily press the piece back together. It does need to be worked a little to get the pieces back. try and work one end in first and squeeze the pieces together and work in the other end. The metal pieces can’t be to big or it will be difficult to get it back together.
Once you get it done just reassemble everything and put the car back together! It worked great. And, I thing it will be a permanent fix!

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