Glass Fogging

Why Does The Rear Glass Get A Hazy Film On It?

[, KJ, BS] Many NSX-Ts experience a "fogging" of the rear side of the glass which seperates the passenger and engine compartments when the car is new. This appears to be related to temperature; it happens in hot weather but not in cold. This is believed to be a result of out-gassing from the material in the targa top when it is stored there and heats up from the sun. It has not been seen in the coupe models, only the -Ts.

A good window cleaner is the best way to handle it. Many have been tried with good results, including "Pink" Windex, ClearView, a chamois dipped in very dilute vinegar solution and well wrung out, etc.

Rear deck temperatures under hard driving on a cloudy day don’t usually exceed 120F, while late afternoon sun on a moderately warm day will push it well over 150F. So tinting the rear window or using a car cover when parking should help reduce the fogging.