Fire Extinguisher Mounting

 Dali Racing

Dali Racing has a fire extinguisher mount that bolts to the front seat mounting bolts (either side) and is therefore just an arms length away in the case of a fire. (I have the same size 2.5 lb BC/FE in my car at the moment – Home Depot sells them as "auto fire extinguishers," for $10.50) bolted to my mount. The mount is big enough and strong enough to hold a 5 lb. FE if you are paranoid about running out of powder or Halon.

The mounts are included free with the harness bar kit or are available for $30/each including postage etc. They do restrict the forward seat travel a bit in that if you run the seat all the way forward you will run into the top of it, but I have never seen this happen in real life.

 Home Brew

[DH] Get some sheet metal that you can bend relatively easy. Cut it so that it is about 16" by 3", AND you have two "tabs" that extend out that mount to the two front seat mounting bolts that are at an angle. So now you have two tabs that you can bend at a 90 degree angle. drill holes in these tabs so they mount to the two front seat mounting bolts. Now drill a couple of holes in the sheet metal for the fire extinguisher bracket. That’s all there is to it. It took my friend who happened to have tin snips, some sheet metal, and two bolts and nuts about 15 minutes to make and install it.

I keep the fire extinguisher in the car at all times. If you want to remove it, just remove the fire extinguisher bracket(not the sheet metal one you just made). The floormat will cover the sheet metal. The extinguisher’s position is fixed, although you could drill or cut out holes so that you can slide the extinguisher forward or backwards. As I have it now, it sits nice and snug against the front of the passenger’s seat.

[BSD]  Here is how I did it in case this helps anyone in the future. I used some steel from Home Depot. It came in a 4′ length. It is about 1.5"  wide and thin enough to be bent by hand, barely. If you want square bends, you need help. I used a wood block. This steel has holes drilled in it every inch or so. I bent the steel in a shape like:

   ________________  __|                |__  

I held the steel up to the seat bolts to determine where to make each bend. The vertical lengths in the above drawing are 3" and the horizontal middle is about 13".

This was then bolted to the passenger seat’s front bolts. I had to enlarge the previously drilled holes in the steel just a bit. I then bolted the f/e bracket to this bracket.

This bracket can be removed from the front seat bolts in about 5 minutes if I use hand tools. If I use a 1/2" drive and extension with my 14mm socket and electric impact wrench, I can probably remove it in less than 1 minute. 🙂

This install only lets the seat move forward about 2" from all the way back. Oh well, I don’t remember any passengers scooting it up too far  anyway. I do plan on removing it after the event because it sticks out and isn’t as neat and tidy as I’d like for a permanent install.

 Hose Clamp Method

[AV] If you plan on taking the fire extinguisher on and off each event, I think I may have a pretty good solution. I have seen what was done on another NSX at one of our time trial events here in SoCal. He mounted a small sized halon fire extinguisher on the passenger side door handle, using hose clamps attached to the mounting bracket of the fire extinguisher. He took a protective material (I think he used an old rag, but any material with sufficient thickness would suffice) and wrapped it around the inside door handle. He then took a hose clamp, wrapped it around the bracket and the door handle, and tightened it up. You can use two hose clamps if you want. But the install felt really strong and stable, and wasn’t intrusive at all to the passenger. And it passed tech. He takes it out after each event, though.

Do It Yourself