Exhaust Tips

What Exhaust Tips Are Available?

Cone Engineering / Megs

[HS] I asked for their catalog and got a well-illustrated one. Their products look like the solution to my quest. They have "rolled edge" tips that either weld on or clamp on that are nicely styled. I’m going to give a try to their "Angle cut clamp on" — about $40 each with

 clamps, etc.

Cone Engineering, Inc

 10883 Portal Drive
 Los Alamitos, CA
 1-714-828-6942 fax

[LL] A brief word on the tips I used as I’ve gotten a couple of quiries. They are from the previously mentioned Cone engineering, commonly reffered to as "Megs" tips (800-795-5535). They have been the most commonly used street rod tip for decades. Everything they make is high quality. Their tips are just that though, most of their tips have no innards such as the popular "turbo" tips and are single wall(which is lighter).

 I chose the 2" inlet, 3 1/2" outlet tapered style with an angled outlet. They  are chrome and clamp on. Our pipes are only 1 7/8", but the tips are slotted and will  crush and hold acceptably, or you can make some shims out of thin sheet metal. Actually  this "slop" affords you a little leeway on the angle. I ordered some pre-made  shims from them, but they didn't work. The model I chose is only 8" long, most all of  the others are longer and IMO will stick out too much. The part no is 3508A. It does not  have a rolled end, I don't believe they make an 8" rolled tip model. Be sure to order  their excellent clamps also. I cut the old pipes down to 5" from the centerline of  the muffler outlet and used 1 1/2" tip/pipe overlap. My tips angle upward nicely and  are about 3/4" from the underpan. I had no exhaust bumper burning problems. As a  matter of interest, I currently have Comptechs new exhaust with the large cans on it. It's  only been on about 600 miles, just noticed it's playing hell with the piant on my bumper,  going to have to polish it right away and keep a close eye on it.

[HS] I finished installing the Cone Engineering "Slick Tips" (model ST372) chrome, clamp-on, 3-1/2-inch-in-diameter, round, rolled end, exhaust tips. End product looks like the Comptech "resonated" tip. The install required cutting 5-7/8-inches off each exhaust pipe. New tips angle slightly upward. If the model ST371 (angle cut) tips were used, they might look even better because the end of the tips would be cut perpendicular to the ground. Anyway, I’m happy: the look of the Comptech exhaust, but the quiet of stock.


[BP]  The dual tips are made by Hooker. They are chrome with black and a red stripe. They are slash cut so they would look great on the NSX. I’m sorry I can’t mail you a PIC of the jeep because I left the digital camera in Texas.

The company that has them is Jeg’s High Performance 1-800-345-4545. This company does mostly mail order, and has the tips in stock. The part numbers are:

520-21416 2-1/8" Inlet $28.99

 520-21417 2-1/4" Inlet $28.99

They are dual tips with 2.5" outlets. Of course, you’ll need to order two. If you don’t know what size to buy, take a tape measure and measure the outside of the pipe leading to the current tips and then divide by pie.

They look great on my truck, I know you’ll like them on your car. Good time to do this while the car is being worked on.


[BP] Anyone out there hate the way the stock NSX tips look on your 1991 to 1995 car? Well, me too! I wanted a new look without spending $1000+ for a whole new exhaust, so I took my car to a local muffler shop yesterday and had them put some new tips on it. It cost me $75 and 10 minutes.