Engine Cover

How Can I Change Or Modify My Engine Bay Cover?

[DLJ] I leave the engine cover off on my ’93, so I can see and hear the engine better. But then the glass is slightly loose. I’ve found an excellent rubber gasket material that is sort of oval-shaped in  cross-section, and is flexible, so it compresses nicely. It bends to fit across the curve at the back. It is stock # 13-3202U at JC Whitney, (312) 431 6102.

[AV] I have taken off my engine cover and have noticed NO ill effects that mattered to me (see below).

  • No increase in percieved engine noise inside passenger compartment.
  • No effect on operating engine temperature.
  • No fogging up of the rear glass hatch (I live in Southern Cal where it doesn't snow, and car was never (oops), rather, was only driven in the rain once, with no ill effects.
  • I didn't think the inside surface of the hatch got dirtier, it may, depending on how and where you drive, but is MUCH easier to clean than that wierd velcro-like surface of the engine cover. I've driven at dusty track events with no increased dustiness of the rear hatch.
  • No percieved rattling of the hatch, even with my stiffer than stock suspension. The hatch does get "looser" when closed without the cover, and is closed by dropping it from a few inches, rather than pressing it down. Though I didn't notice any rattling, I was still uncomfortable leaving the hatch "loose" like that, so what I did was I installed three adjustable rubber feet  that are taller, replacing the three shorter rubber stops at the edge of the engine compartment. This takes up the slack and is adjusted so that the hatch sits tightly on top of these when it is shut. These are available at any harware shop. You will have to be a little creative with this.

There are a few downsides:

  • People will now be gawking even more at your car. It was cool at first,  but became annoying and concerning later on.
  • When you get pulled over by a cop, he'll walk up, passes and sees your exposed hot-looking engine, and says to you, "I don't care what you say, but you're getting a ticket!"

Tinting your windows solves the two negative items.

[KS] There are two non-stock engine covers that are available for the NSX.

  1. There is a carbon fiber engine cover with a Lexan window in the middle third of the engine cover. It costs $895 and is available from: DC Sports 286 Winfield Circle Corona CA 91720, 909-734-2030 phone, 909-734-2792 fax
  3. The Japan-only NSX-R model has an open mesh engine cover (I believe it is also made of carbon fiber) which lets you see through to the engine compartment. They are available for (hold onto your hats) $2,250 including shipping. You can arrange for these by contacting Hank T. Fang at fangtl@juno.com Hank notes that if several list members order the NSX-R engine cover he will reduce the price because shipping charges will be less if he can have several shipped from Japan simultaneously. I previously bought Japan-only parts from Hank (the red valve cover from the Type R Integra for my GS-R; it was Japan-only at the time) and was very satisfied in my dealings with him.

[YH] The NSX-R comes with a mesh engine bay cover, which is available only as a kit. Honda says the reason for a kit is that you should change some parts in the engine-bay (e.g. rubber hose) to those which were UV-proof. As with all NSX-R parts, you must have a registration certificate for an NSX-R and a contact living in Japan to order the parts and then ship them to you (if you’re not in Japan yourself). If you can manage all that, you can order: Engine Maintenance Kit (including the mesh engine-bay cover): 199,570. Yen