NSX Emissions Testing

[DWG – 99/2/23] I got the SMOG certification done yesterday. I got the engine good and hot before arriving at the test station (as most of you advised) and it passed with flying colors.
In case you haven’t heard, the new tests require that cars be on a dyno and run at about 2500 rpm for about 15 minutes with the probe in the tailpipe. The entire test took about 20 minutes and cost $83.00.
The dyno test mandate may be an Orange County-only rule, I’m not sure.

[KS – 99/7/1] I took my NSX in for emissions testing today. I told them it had traction control and tried playing dumb, saying that I didn’t think it could be turned off. Don’t even bother – they just look it up in a table which tells them otherwise. So they did the test on the dyno rollers. I was using the stock 16″ rear wheels and the rollers that go on the side only touched the tire, not the rims, although I’m not sure that would be true with oversized aftermarket wheels. It passed.