Has Anyone Installed A "Life Hammer"?

[DLJ] The "Life Hammer" is a European product that is a small hammer for breaking glass after an accident, when the  doors won’t open and the windows won’t either (you can figure a use for when you are in the car, or when you are outside another car. It also has a knife for cutting seatbelts. Nice idea.

It took quite awhile to figure out how to mount it. I finally found a good place– just by the passenger’s left knee, where the glove compartment door doesn’t hit it, nor does the passenger seat when full forward. It is just at the boundary of the two different upholstery materials. The backing material in the NSX upholstery is strong enough to take self-threading screws.

If you ever see my car, it won’t be hard to spot the mounting, the Life Hammer being orange