Emblem Badges

Can I Make My "Acura" Say "Honda"?

[HS] If you order the Honda hood emblem, the "H" comes color coordinated to the car. They ask for the door jam color code when you buy one. The red cars, of course have red backgrounds, but ALL the NSX-R cars have the red background.

[KS] My friend Gary Milgrom bought his parts from Belgium in 1992. They included the taillight center panel with the Honda logo, the wheel caps, and the front hood ornament. (Yes, it’s forward of the hood, on the nose. But "nose ornament" sounds like a nose ring.) Incidentally, his hood ornament (which is similar to the Acura one but with the Honda "H") has a red background; I don’t know if it comes in different colors or if it’s red on all the cars.

When replacing the "Acura" lettering in the rear center light, I found out that if you spray dish washing detergent mixed with water on the lens, you can easily slide the ‘NSX’ around to place it in the proper position. Once in position, ‘squegie’ out the water and let it dry until peeling off the backing.

[GM] Here’s the info on Honda badging for the NSX:

44732-SLO-000 WHEEL CAP COVERS (4)

 ZC FRONT EMBLEM SILVER (I assume Sebring Silver) 

This information is from January of 1992. At that time the cost was nearly 11,000 Belgian Francs plus shipping. YMMV. The dealer I used was:

Belgica, S.A.

 73 Chausee de Vleurgat
 Brussels, Belgium 1050
 +011 32 2 640 9130 voice 
 +011 32 2 646 4652 fax 

Note that in the phone number, "011" is the prefix for making an international call from the U.S. (other countries, use whatever is appropriate), "32" is the country code for Belgium, and "2" is the city code for Brussels. If you find that you are able to purchase these or other parts, please post additional information to the list.

[A/H] I just checked the parts computer, the first and third part are available in the American Honda parts system so you can order them. I doubt I can get the others but I will try. Don’t hold your breath.

Removing the front emblem

[GM – 2001/6/28] The emblem on the nose of the car is held on by retainer clips, one on each leg of the emblem. You can heat the emblem with a hair dryer until the adhesive gives way, gently pry the thing up about a half inch (put towels on the paint when you pry and be very gentle) and snip the legs. The ‘back’ pieces will fall on the ground. When you put a new emblem on, use the adhesive only. It’s worked fine for me for years.