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NSXCA Mailing Lists (no longer active)

The need for more effective communication between NSX owners and enthusiasts resulted in the creation of the Acura NSXChange Mailing List. Begun in late 1994, it has grown from a handful of owners ecstatic about the ability to chat with other owners. Then word about the list spread and now there hundreds of NSX owners and enthusiasts subscribed, about evenly split between the regular version and the digest version. Furthermore, the original list has become known as the “international list” since the advent of several regional lists.
This list is for people to share their thoughts and experiences about the NSX. Everyone is welcome to participate. Owners and enthusiasts who have any interest in the automobile are welcome to listen in and contribute to the dialogue. It is an open mailing list and information regarding subscribing follows. The list is truly international in scope with members from all over the world including North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Australia and New Zealand.
The original NSXChange list was created by Dr. David Hwang, but ownership of the mailing lists was transferred to the NSX Club of America in 2000.
Regional Lists
A need that the international list did not fulfill was communication among owners and enthusiasts who live closer together. These people wanted to plan get-togethers and events without cluttering up the increasingly crowded international list with topics of a more regional nature. So, regional lists were born. And they have been extremely effective in bringing together owners in face-to-face events.

Mailing List Etiquette

By: Kenneth Sax
Here are just a few quick helpful hints for the e-mail novices out there (and reminders for some of the more experienced list members, too). These are conventions that are generally followed in this Internet e-mail world that help us all communicate more effectively with each other and with minimum disruption and confusion.
When replying to a message and including text from it, please edit all unnecessary material out. There are few things more irritating than 100 lines of quoted text, followed by a single line of “I agree” or “Very funny”. Furthermore, if you have a comment of your own, you want to make sure that everybody knows exactly which of those 100 lines you’re referring to. So take out, say, 97 of the 100 lines so that everyone can spot those 3 lines that you’re responding to. You can place “>” characters at the start of the lines you’re quoting, to distinguish them from the comments you’re adding, and if you’re responding to more than one sentence, you can even add a “snip”, and then you can put your response immediately afterwards, without the “>” characters, and everyone will know why you said what you said.
When you want to reply to a message, you can send your reply to the entire list or to an individual who posted the original message. Most e-mail software programs have a “reply to sender” function and a “forward” function, but which one sends to the list and which one sends to an individual may be specific to your program. Just make sure you check the “To:” part of your response. If you want to send the response to the list, the list address should be in the “To:” section. If you want to send the response to the individual sender, his/her e-mail address should be in the “To:” section.
Try to make the “Subject” line of your messages meaningful. Don’t ever leave it blank. If you receive the list in digest mode, and you send a reply to a post in the digest, your software may fill in the Subject as “Re: The NSX Mailing List – Digest Edition V1 #847”. Please replace this with the specific Subject you want to discuss. That way, everyone knows what it’s all about when they receive your message.
Occasionally there are problems with another list member’s address, such as when their mailbox is full. If you see a whole bunch of messages with the Subject “Undeliverable Message” and contents you can swear you’ve seen before, you’re right; you’re viewing a message you’ve already received, but was bounced back to the list by the offender’s server. Also, this sometimes occurs with someone who subscribes to the digest edition, so you will see an entire digest (bundle of 10-20 messages) bounced back to the list. Have patience; the list administrator stays on top of these problem situations and addresses them quickly.
If you’re going to be away from your e-mail access for an extended period, it’s usually a good idea to unsubscribe from the list before you leave, so that YOU don’t cause this “full mailbox” problem. If you want to see all the posts that went out in your absence, then when you get back, send a message to anyone who stores all the messages asking them which dates they can forward to you. For example, I try to save all digests (containing all list messages), and I would be happy to forward selected dates to anyone who is away, if you just send a PRIVATE message (i.e. a message to me, not to the entire list).

Good Advice From The Mercedes Mailing List

LISTEN MORE, TALK LESS. If you are one who always is the first to reply to every message, irrespective of the content, back off and give the “list” a rest! None of us (sorry Bill Gates, Donald Trump, etc) are “experts” in everything. Although what we write may be “99 percent correct” , the majority of the List subscribers will likely over time grow tired of seeing your header on every download. The result of this irritation will be you will challenged on even “insignificant” points without seeming to understand why. Your significant contributions will be diluted because some will automatically delete all your messages without reading! Responses from an “occasional” contributor often carry more weight when reasoned judgement is evident (“I’ve been listening and based on my experience with…”) than the “every message off the top of my head” responder.
AVOID “RIGHTEOUS” INDIGNATION. Periodically, someone (intentionally or inadvertently) will post material that offends some segment of the subscribers. It may be a joke in poor taste which might influence juvenile readers (might wonder what they hear at home or in school!), a 10MB download graphics file of the dust accumulating on your MB W107’s alloy wheels, or a general spamming of the list. If it is not a recurrent theme, simply IGNORE AND DELETE. If it continues write the list administrator and temporarily unsubscribe until the list “resets” itself (which they all do over time).
“COUNTER” PUBLICLY, “DUEL” IN PRIVATE. If someone challenges your advice, offer additional information or counter arguments as long as the dialogue does not continue indefinitely or degrades to where the content must rely largely on personal “attacks” (not challenges!). If it does, take the dialogue off-line and correspond privately. Recognize that whether you are in the relative anonymity of a mailing list, a military drill instructor, or in a POW camp, you might be able to change “exhibited behavior”, but rarely will you change
the underlying beliefs or true attitudes of your “opponent”.
SEEK COVENS OF VIRGINS ELSEWHERE. If you are a List “Newbie”, enthused and excited about the content of a new source of information, and suddenly find the dialogue turning “scour”, avoid coming on with the traditional “Enjoyed…suddenly changed…might have to unsubscribe!” Boo Hoo Hoo…we don’t even know you but if we did, we’d hope you’d have the “maturity” to stick around awhile and see if the List content “value” outweighs (and outgrows) this temporary “detour”. Seriously, if you feel strongly, inform the list administrator and temporarily unsubscribe…come back in 30 days and you’ll find the “peaceful and informational” haven you once found.
RIDE YOUR HORSE TO THE APPROPRIATE “AGENDA” PLACE. Periodically you will see on these Lists the “sudden” and “relatively” passionate appearance of a subscriber who may have been primarily a “listener or lurker” (your call). Underlying their dialogue is sometimes a hidden “agenda” (commercial, political, or religious) that a turn in the dialogue has finally given them the “avenue” to come forth with their real interests. These often turn into “nasty” exchanges where the “lurker” sulks off with some final threat (“I’ve planted the Doomsday virus in every text message on the list which will go off when you computer is unable to recognize the year 2000…”, etc.) Please, if there is a more appropriate place for some of your interests that we may share, let us know where it is and we may choose to “trudge” in your wake!
LET YOU BRAIN DO THE TALKING AND YOUR FINGERS DO THE WALKING. Not the other way around. Many of us, unfortunately, instinctively respond to messages that we get “emotional” about. The anonymity of the Internet makes us feel free to do so. If we were to sit down and “write a letter” (your brain is formulating thoughts and counters millions of times faster than your hand is writing) or “stand up in public” (where you formulate a response based on the environment and audience) we might not communicate in the way we sometimes do in this and other Mailing List forums (Of course, the “Chat Rooms” are the ultimate expression of this.) Sadly, the result is we may form an “opinion” of a person based on these “casual” responses that is entirely inaccurate.
IT’S A FREE LUNCH, ENJOY IT OR SPIT IT OUT! Self explanatory. Periodically we all need to judge the value vs. the irritation and thank those who make it possible. (Please take a bow!)

Other NSX E-Mail Lists

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