Door Latch

What Do I Do About A Broken Door Latch?

[CEW, DG, BSD, LL] The problem usually announces itself with a cracking sound as you pull on the door handle. As soon as that happens you can move the handle with no resistance and the door won’t open from the inside.  The replacement parts kit includes:

  1. Door lock switch/cable
  3. Latch spring
  5. Mounting brackets
  7. The latch itself
  9. Latch housing.

The parts cost on this kit is about $450.  Labor is minimal and anyone familiar with a screwdriver should be able to replace the assembly themselves in 15 minutes.  Acura has been known to goodwill this repair.

Failure also reported by: Wilson Shiu <nsx2000@JUNO.COM> 97/1/1, Brian Chrisman <incubus@NETCOM.COM> 2000/2/