Discount OEM Parts

Acura Dealers Who Sell At Discount

1) Hoehn Acura sells parts at 20% off list price via mail order.
2) Gunn Acura offers 25% off list via mail order.
3) Asian Auto Parts (916) 371-7736
4) Pohanka Acura
13911 lee Jackson HWY
Chantilly, VA 20171
Greg in parts.
5) Tim Poliniak of Ray Laks Acura 1-866-526-9965, 716 826 4109
6) Mechanicsville Honda; Discount all Acura NSX parts 25-28% with free shipping on orders over $30. They are not an Acura dealer and so have to go through another of their franchises to get and ship the parts, sometimes delays it a few days if time is important.
[?] I have just ordered a keyless entry kit from Dave at Asian Auto Parts for $189.00. He also has rear hatch struts for $46.00 each as opposed to the dealer who wanted about $70.00 each. The web site is and he can be called at 800-510-6742. He has all genuine Honda/Acura parts for about 25 percent off list price for most parts.
Someother popular ones include A&H Motorsports (800-543-5525), MSO Parts (800-500-7278) and Park Parts (900-231-3305). Other place that carry NSX parts can be found in the back of most popular car magazines.
[JCR – 99/9/9] I recently bought a variety of doo-dads from Hoehn for my 91 NSX, and two of these items also appear on A&H sale list. Here’s how the prices compared.
Fuel filter: Hoehn Price $40.71, A&H price $41.25
Air filter: Hoehn Price $54.08, A&H price $51.55
They’re pretty close, and these are Hoehn’s everyday prices. For those who are curious, here are a few more price quotes on parts you may be thinking of buying. (Christmas is coming, and we all need stocking stuffers.)
Zanardi Floor Mats: List $89.00 Hoehn $69.16
Timing Belt: List $151.42 Hoehn $109.02
Car Cover: List $199.00 Hoehn $158.27
Water Pump: List $206.28 Hoehn $148.52
Timing Cover: List $75.75 Hoehn $53.96
High Pres ABS Hose: List $35.57 Hoehn $28.38
Thermostat: List $30.28 Hoehn $24.17
[DC – 99/9/21] I just got the keyless entry kit and rear glass struts and will install them tonight. I used Asian Auto and they were great.
I received the following e-mail but have no experience with this company. If anyone does business with them, please e-mail me and I’ll add you review of the experience to the website.

   Date: Fri, 20 Apr 2001 09:39:13 -0700
   We have a new site we think might be of interest to NSX owners. We offer genuine Acura parts and accessories at discount prices. We have a secure online catalog and are able to quickly ship worldwide. We are prompt to answer price and availability questions for anything not in our catalog. Overall a great resource for genuine parts, accessories, and information. Thanks for considering our link. Tim"

Used Parts / Salvage Vehicles

ERZ Auto (NY)
[TT] I would like to properly introduce myself, my name is Tony Toth and along with my brother Joe we own ERZ auto we specialize in highline insurance loses, particularly NSXs. We are located at 1434 Eastern Pkwy. Brooklyn, NY 11233. Phone # 718-774-7846. E-mail We are the largest suppliers of used NSX parts in the country, we have owned over 50 NSX’s. We have supplied parts to hundreds of satisfied individuals and Dealerships across the world. We are also experts in the general repair and service of NSXs. Believe it or not Acura dealers themselves call us when they can’t figure something out and its quite often they do .Feel free to call us or post a message if you have any questions about problems you may be having withyour NSX..
[KJ – 99/11/10] My thanks to whoever posted the URL. I recently bought some minor repair parts for my beater car at wrenchhead. The prices were about half what Pep Boys was charging, with no tax and free UPS shipping. Wow!
Although I intend to stay with Honda parts for the NSX, I looked up the ABS pump and found a rebuilt one at $150. Incredible! Water pumps are $79 to $253 (I wouldn’t bet on the fit, though).
The list of parts available is not at all comprehensive, but any part that may be shared with another Honda or Acura vehicle is worth looking for here.