Did You Know

NSX Related Trivia

  • “NSX” was originally an acronym for “New Sportscar eXperimental”. And yes, it was originally NS-X, hyphenated, on the pre-production prototypes.
  • Honda was founded in September, 1948.
  • The NSX is manufactured in Tochigi, Japan.
  • The air vents on the doors tilt up to direct the air flow towards the passengers. If you pull up a little bit more when they are all the way up, they “click” and lock in place.
  • The fuel door is also a gas cap holder.

Where Does The Interior Air Exit The Car?

[AW] I had the side scoops off the other day and discovered a cute little one-way flap valve, about 6 sq. in., just ahead of the rear wheels but covered up by the body-colored lower sill panel. This appears to exhaust air inside the channels that run on each side of the car below the doors, and into the space covered up by the fender liners (which is where the engine also draws its intake air).
[CJ] One of it’s functions is to release the air pressure built up when closing the doors, (with the windows up) so it does not feel too uncomfortable for the passengers entering the vehicle.

Which Color Is Fastest?

(Note: This theory may not stand up to rigorous scientific analysis…)
[BP] Actually, red paint is lighter per gallon than any other color except yellow because the pigment is lighter. Some yellow paints have a metallic finish which would then make it heavier than red. In the case of Spa Yellow, it does have metallic, so RED wins! Or does Grand Prix White win? According to service manuals, GPW from ’91-’95 have no clearcoat. Therefore, eliminating that additional weight.

Stiff Chassis? You bet.

[SB] The car created quite a stir in the tire place. A Ferrari had been in last week and when they put it on the lift it flexed so bad that they couldn’t open the doors. Mine was slightly unbalanced front to rear and it just rocked on the lift. He had me sit in it to settle it.

Interesting Label

[AT – 99/4/6] I had to take out the BOSE stereo unit because the cassette deck is in need of repair. In the process I have to remove the climate control unit and after I got the unit out I noticed something very unusual. On the top back portion are two labels. One has the manufacturer and it’s corresponding UPC code. The other is the label of the Tester. Now that doesn’t seem too strange except not only is the tester’s initials in Japanese, but there is a saying in both Japanese and English. It says, “An Eternal Sportsmind For You”. Now I don’t ever remember seeing anything like that on any quality control inspection tag for any electronic component whether automotive or audio. This is the second time I’ve had this unit out and it’s the first time I’ve noticed this label. I hope it’s a nice “omen” for NSXPO and track day. I’ll certainly treat it as such. Just thought you might like to know.