Dash Covers

Can I Cover The Dashboard?

[AW] One of the other SoCal members noticed my black dashboard cover at the last meet, and said there might be interest among list members in why I have it: namely, it almost eliminates the bright-sunlight reflection of the top surface of the dashboard in the windshield.

What I have is a Dashking $30 dash cover, available from Pep Boys by special order. It arrived about two days after I ordered it. You can get them in "polyester" (rug-like) or "velvet". I chose polyester because I thought it would do a better job of suppressing reflections. The velvet, however, is very similar to the NSXs stock carpeting, and esthetic plus, and since both materials "glitter" to a degree in direct sunlight (apparently the fibers are flat) my rationale for choosing polyester may have been incorrect.

Along the same lines, I also lined the top surfaces of the knee bolsters (rounded black surfaces just below the instrument panel) with black suede-cloth in order to suppress their reflecting sunlight from directly overhead into the instrument panel, which then reflects into my eyes. I had found that at "high noon" it’s difficult to read the instruments due to these reflections. Lining the bolsters is pretty easy: they come off by removing just a couple screws, and you can stick the suede-cloth on with double-sided scotch tape.

I mentioned to DashKing via their web site my desire for a dash cover that was more like suede-cloth (i.e. perfectly flat with no glittering) and they said that they are currently testing a suede-like material for just this reason and expect to have it on the market soon.

BTW, if you do get the DashKing cover, notice that it does not have a hole for the sunlight sensor. I cut my own (no big deal) and mentioned this to DashKing. I doubt that they will change their tooling just for us few NSX users, but you never know.