Daily Driver

Does the NSX make a good daily driver?

[CW – 99/10/04] For close to 6 years it has been my only car. Only real problem has been with the CD player. Many many sets of tires, though. Timing belt ($2k) at 72,000. Have got 79k on the odometer now. I use the car to tote everything from Home Depot stuff, myriad guitars(my business), and even bottles, cans and newspapers to the recycle center.
Did I mention I had the ivory seats? They have held up great. (I had an ink pen explode on the seat, but was able to get that out with waterless hand cleaner–Gojo?).
I think the car can certainly be a daily driver. My wife says the only drawback to driving the car is getting out of it when she has a dress on; something I don’t think many of our listers have to worry about.
The car would be a nice daily driver but it depends on your commute. If my daily drive included a nice traffic free twisty road, then by all means. But sitting in traffic, the NSX is not my first choice. I use my Honda FiT as my Daily Driver, saves me gas that way too. – Just my two cents. [NSXrunner]
I think the NSX is a great daily driver as long as you realize you’ll be decreasing it’s value by adding many miles and plenty of wear-n-tear. It’s an extremely comfortable car to drive across town or across the country. The stock clutch is easy on the leg even in stop and go traffic. The NSX driver’s visibility, both front and rear, is awesome compared to most cars, not only exotics. It handles great in the rain due to its mid-engine and low sitting design. The ergonomics are amazing with gauges, controls and knobs situated perfect…IMHO. The trunk has plenty of room for even a good size trip to the grocery, etc. Down sides, as a daily driver, include poor visibility from other drivers. I’ve had several trucks and SUV’s especially pull over into me. The rear tires, on average, will last about 8-10K miles (really!). The front lip will get scraped up easily from steep driveways and even speed bumps if you’re lowered and need replacing yearly to look nice. A car cover is a must to protect both the exterior and interior and help reduce finger and hand prints on your windows from the “looky-loos” that peek inside while you’re away. The NSX definitely draws lots of attention on the road with lots of cell phone camera picture takers and admirers. No matter how far away from other cars you park to protect your NSX, you’ll come out to find another car parked right next to it getting a closer look.