Cup Holders

Built-In Cup Holders

Starting in 1993 all NSXs got dual cup holders in the center console. They are not very good.

[98/12/4] The OEM cupholder in 1993+ cars doesn’t really work that well; several users have removed theirs

[JCA – 99/8/12] Unfortunately when Honda made the.. what we call cup holders… they were concerned about cabin

 efficiency, not comfort. My experiences with the "cup holders"have not been very  pleasant, the main reason is that they are really not designed for anything else except a  can of soda. Anything taller than a can could result in a very unpleasnt disruption in  your driving.

I remember once (actually every time I put a drink in the car) I had a 16 ounce drink in the holder and attempted to make a turn, and mind you not a quick turn, just a normal turn and the drink seemed to just jump out of the holder on to my back,as if I were Bill Parcels winning the superbowl.

I don’t know what’s more aggravating, spilling somthing on my leather appointed interior or almost wrecking my car trying to avoid spilling something on my leather appointed interior. You pick one. In closing my suggestion is probably not to drink coffee in the car in a cup larger than a can, because that stuff is hot and will probably make you wreck your car if it spills.

[SBJ – 99/8/12] Got tired of coffee in my lap every morning since my move and a longer commute and had the local Acura dealer put in the 94 cup holder console in my 91 Red/black. After they replaced the console, the lid (with the cup holders), the dash plate (bubbled paint from 8 years in southern Nevada sun) they then had to replace the speaker between the seats in back because it was a "lower" profile than the 91. Ended up being 3 times more expensive than they first quoted me, and now I’m afraid to use the cup holders because they don’t look sturdy enough to keep a cup of coffee balanced well. Now I’ve got these pretty cupholders I’m afraid to use. For those of you out there in 94’s and newer, do you use special cups or what? I feel kind of stupid now for going through all the bother (and money) and not feeling comfortable using them.

[SBJ – 99/8/14] I’m going for the Dali cupholders. I will either let my toddler son play with the ’94 OEM cupholders or use them like the bud vase in the new beetle. An expensive lesson to be sure. Think I’ll ask the collective brainpower of the list before I embark on anymore "modification" activity on my NSX.

Aftermarket Cup Holders

Dali Racing


Dali Racing brings you the official ultra chic black anodized CUP HOLDER. Available in "grande latte" and "big gulp" size… or get the combo pack with both size tops. Slides snugly over the parking brake handle. Far superior to the stock cup holders!




[CWI – 99/8/13] I bought a ‘Type R Equipment’ cupholder from my local speedshop. It is a brushed aluminum quasi-futuristic looking thing that clips to the air vents. It looks very good and is very functional. Check out your local ‘Make My Civic Go (Look) Faster’ shop.

[SSZ – 99/8/14] I use the same cup holder device and I too attest that it looks great, as its silver color goes well especially with my silver NSX.

Functionally, its size is perfect for a can, and its grip with a spring in the back holds the drink stable and won’t let it slide around like many cup holders do when you turn or accelerate the car. However, its diameter is not large enough for a much larger drink. Also, because it is only about 2 inches deep, you won’t want to use it for a drink over 7 or 8 inches tall. Nonetheless, as long as you don’t put on slicks, a soda can will probably never tip over out of the cup holder.

[MCA – 98/12/4] Mercedes OEM units — sold by Griots Garage, Beverly Hills Motor, other upscale dealers (look good, more flexible mounting options).

Units that clip on to cooling vents might not work as well, as they tend to assume the vents are near vertical (NSX’s are near horizontal)