Cost of Ownership

How Much Does It Cost To Own An NSX?

This largely depends on what model year and how much you drive the car. Overall, however, the NSX is probably less expensive to own and operate than most if not all of it’s competition. Here are some examples of what people spend.
1. 60k service ($1k+)
2. Brake, clutch ($600+, $1500+)
3. AC compressor/condenser?($1k+), AC evaporator ($1500)
4. Window regulator ($500-$1000)
5. Make sure it’s out of snap ring range (preventative repair $1200-$1600)
6. Tires ($500+ rear @ 10-15k miles)
7. Registration, insurance, accessory (did I hear Zymol?)
Make sure you don’t get in accidents because repairs are expensive.
Remember, no matter how reliable the car is, you are getting an up to 19-year-old car, some parts may not be designed to last 19 years.

[JD Cross] As of Jan 5 2011

I’m the original owner of a 1991 Blk/blk.
1)Mileage: 86767 miles.
2)Total operating costs: $57262 which includes maintenance, fuel, and insurance.
3)Cost per mile: .66 cents per mile all costs in since new.
4)Gas mileage: 22.06 mpg since new.

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