Coolant Overflow

How Can I Jazz Up The Coolant Overflow Bottle?

A number of people do not like the white plastic look of the stock coolant bottle in the engine compartment. There are a number of ways to make it look better.


The cheapest by far is to simply paint it. Dark gray or black are popular. Detailed instructions can be found in the Do It Yourself – Painting The Engine Coolant Overflow Bottle section.

Dali Racing

Aluminum Coolant Bottle, brushed finish, with billet cap $150.00 – polished or powdercoated, $175.00. (includes shipping). How do you tell if there is enough coolant in the tank? When the coolant is cold, you should be able to touch the top of the coolant with the end of your finger reaching all the way down.

RM Racing

Alloy Engine Coolant Bottle is hand built and replaces the factory plastic coolant bottle. No modifications required. Available in polished or machine brushed finish. Price: $375.00