Contacting NSX Prime

Please read this page carefully before you attempt to e-mail me!

I receive far too much e-mail from this site to respond to it all. I set up this page to address the vast majority of reasons people have e-mailed me in the past. If your issue does require e-mailing me, it may take weeks or even months for me to respond depending on your issue and my schedule – I run this site in my spare time and travel frequently. Try very hard to find your own answer or solve your own issue using the resources below before you resort to e-mailing me. Thank you.

Message Forum Account

Do you want to register an account to participate in the message forums and wiki? It’s easy and FREE!

Are you having trouble registering an account? Do you have an account but you lost the password or can’t post messages? Well you are in luck! There is an entire section devoted to Account Help. Check it out!

Marketplace Classified Ads

Do you have questions about how to post something for sale? Did you post an ad and wonder where it went, why it was deleted, or who to contact with questions? Please spend a couple minutes and read the Marketplace Rules & Help and it will almost certainly answer your questions.

Questions, Suggestions, Complaints

Do you have a question about how to use the website? A comment or suggestion on how you think the site could be improved? A complaint about something? Please post a message in the NSX Prime Website Discussion forum. If you have never registered before you will need to create an account. Accounts are FREE.

If you have a complaint, try to word it constructively. Please understand that I cannot run the site in a way that satisfies everybody, but if you have a real issue and post a well-thought out and constructive message I will certainly take it into consideration. If your message is unpleasant I assume you’re just an Internet Troll and ignore or delete it.

NSX Questions

Do you have a question about the NSX or something NSX-related? Here is the best way to get an answer:

  • Search the NSX Wiki. If you don’t find what you need there, go on to..
  • Search the message forums. If you still don’t find the answer…
  • Post your question in the appropriate message forum and you are almost sure to get an answer within a matter of days or even hours.

Media Requests

NSX Prime is run as a hobby and as such does not have a media kit or press packet available. If you work for the media and are simply looking for permission to cite NSX Prime in an article, the answer is yes, that is fine. I would appreciate a quick e-mail letting me know where the website is being referenced. For other media requests please contact me.

Advertising / Link Exchanges

NSX Prime is not currently accepting advertising, sponsors, or interested in joining any affiliate programs. NSX Prime does not buy advertising or sponsor anything. NSX Prime does not participate in link exchanges.

You’re Mad About Something On The Internet

I’ve been running this site for a long time. Occasionally someone gets fired up because someone posted something they aren’t happy about on this site. Usually it has to do with a complaint about a business transaction or the condition of a vehicle for sale. This person then sends me an e-mail with pseudo-legalese threats. It is a real waste of time because I never have and never will reply, and I’m not going to delete it no matter how many times you misapply the term “slander.” If you want to play the big boy version of that game, have your attorney contact me and I’ll put them in touch with my attorney. You might want to familiarize yourself with Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act first. If you insist on sending me an e-mail like that, keep in mind I own all rights to it (see below) and may publish it on the site and/or in a compilation some day because many of them are hilarious.

Contact Form

NOTICE: The contents of any e-mails and/or file attachments submitted to me via e-mail become my property, and may be forwarded to other individuals or mailing lists and/or posted on this or other websites and/or published without notice. There is no expectation of privacy for any e-mails sent to this account. Your submission of any e-mail to the site administrator either directly or via the form linked below signifies your agreement and consent to this policy.

Please use this contact form only if directed from one of the above links, or if your issue does not fit into one of the above categories. Please do not send multiple e-mails about the same issue.