Clutch Initialization

All NSX dual-disc clutches require an initialization procedure when they are first installed. If the clutch is not initialized, the intermediate plate will not completely disengage, causing the clutch to “drag” and making it difficult to shift into gear. This is also bad for the clutch. All 1991 – 1996 NSXs came with a dual-disc clutch from the factory. Most aftermarket replacements are also dual-disc. The 1997+ cars came with a single-disc setup, and some aftermarket clutches (such as Comptech) are single-disc for all model years. Cars with single-disc clutches do not need to worry about this – it is unique to the dual-disc clutch setups. Total time should be an hour or less including prep and cleanup. Difficulty is about the same as an oil change.


  1. 8mm open end wrench
  2. 8mm socket (optional, you can use the wrench of you want)
  3. 10mm socket
  4. 19mm socket
  5. 8″ extension
  6. Rratchet (2 will be easier)
  7. Pencil
  8. Service manual


  1. Remove three of the 8mm bolts that hold the plastic fuel injector covers on
  2. Put the car up on jack stands
  3. Put the car in neutral
  4. Where the tranny meets the engine there is a moon shaped flywheel inspection panel held on by three (3) 10mm bolts. Remove the panel.
  5. Refer to the service manual on Clutch Initialization for a picture of the holes on the flywheel and a better view what you’re doing
  6. You will need the 19mm socket and 8″ extension to turn the fly wheel. On the opposite side of the engine where 2 belts meet is the 19mm bolt you turn to rotate the flywheel. Rotate it clockwise until you get one of the screw holes near the bottom so it easy to reach.
  7. Start threading 8mm bolt into the hole by hand and switch to the 8mm wrench when it s started.
  8. Turn it until you can feel the pressure increase when it touched the mid plate. Then turn 360 degrees.
  9. Rotate the flywheel and repeat steps 7 & 8 for the other 2
  10. Continue turning each bolt 360 at time and moving to the next until they each bolt bottoms (which should be about the same time)
  11. Remove the 8mm bolts
  12. Put the inspection cover back on
  13. Make sure you have the 8mm screw and no others
  14. Lower the car
  15. Put the 8mm bolts back in the injector cover
  16. Test drive.