Clothing and Accessories

Where Can I Get NSX Clothing and Accessories?

[KS] There’s a repair shop in Santa Clara, California, named Foreign Affair, that specializes in work on Hondas and Acuras, including NSX’s. For $10, they sell NSX t-shirts which prominently feature their name (duh) along with a TERRIFIC drawing of an NSX, small one on the front, bigger one on the back. They’re happy to sell them by mail, too. You can reach them at 408-727-4884.


Acura sells some NSX logo stuff directly. Go to 

NSX Club of America

The NSXCA sells a number of quality officially licensed NSX logo items (shirts, hats, etc.) Go to for more info.

Jacob Jensen NSX Watch

Produced for a limited time, no longer available from Acura. It was offered when the Acura NSX was first released. It comes (as shown) in a very interesting package design consisting of an aluminum extrusion with a felt liner. The watch is very nicely designed and made. The bracelet and case are constructed of titanium and 316 stainless steel. It is water-resistant to 30 meters. The glass is made from sapphire crystal. It has a precision Swiss internal movement and is powered by a standard #362 watch battery. Newer variations of this watch (non-NSX) sell for more than $350. The exclusive and limited production nature of this NSX watch make it highly desirable. Jacob Jensen is the award-winning designer behind the Bang-Olufson stereo equipment and is highly regarded in design circles. Image courtesy of Jim Anders.