Closing the trunk, engine hatch, hood

Closing The Trunk

In order to properly close the trunk, you put it down and press it closed with the palm of your hand — pressing NOT ON THE WING, but on the center of the trailing edge of the lid (right above the latch). You just press until it “clicks” – couldn’t be easier
technically you can push on the wing. the wing has been proven to hold a 180lb man sitting in the middle with out any damage. picture of this is posted on prime.

Closing The Hatch Glass

The glass covering the engine hatch is closed the same way but requires more pressure. Set it down, then press firmly in the middle of the rear edge of the glass, directly above the latch.

Closing The Hood

The front compartment lid is dropped from 8-10 inches. Pressing it closed like the trunk or hatch glass will work, but runs the risk of denting the metal.