Clocks and Luggage


Acura NSX Desk Clock

Desk Clock: Jacob Jensen – Denmark. Titanium with aluminum.

Yokohama NSX Clock

An NSX OEM tire (Yokohama A022H) with a clock in the middle. There is a little NSX on one of the hands.

Comptech Acura Spice "3 Time IMSA GTP Light Champions"

Carbon fiber & titanium connecting rod clock, limited edition of 60.

Clockwise David Kimble NSX Clock

[MCA] Looks good — has the David Kimble cutaway litho (91 red/ivory) in 5-1/2 x 10 on a 9×11 glass panel. Not bad for $39.95 delivered. Vendor: ClockWise 1-800-969-8463 Sebastopol CA 707-823-1382

Factory Luggage

A 3-piece luggage set made by Cloetta exclusively for the Acura NSX was briefly available as an accessory for the car. The luggage was only manufactured for 6 months and is very hard to come by and each piece typically goes for over a thousand dollars in good condition. Each piece is all leather, soft and hard, and every seam is hand-sewn. All pieces came in a canvas bag with a guarantee certificate from the maker.


Car & Driver- Ten Top Exotic Cars – Catalog# 754. It’s 44 minutes of their top ten cars, including the NSX.