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  • NSXPO 2015 Official Announcement

    NSXPO 2015 Official Announcement

    The organizing committee has just released the official details on NSXPO 2015, including itinerary, host hotel, and track event. NSXPO 2015 is October 8 – 11 in Palm Springs, CA. Registration opens next month, so check it out and start planning now, because you definitely don’t want to miss this event!

  • NSXPO 2013

      Follow the NSXPO 2013 Photos thread for the latest from the event!

  • NSXPO 2013 Registration Is Open

    NSXPO 2013 registration is open! Register now for the early bird discount. See you there!

  • NSXPO 2013 Announced!

    NSXPO 2013 Announced!

    NSXPO will take place in North Carolina this year, with the social event in Raleigh, NC from Oct 11 – 14 and the track event at VIR Oct 15 – 16. Complete details will follow soon. Stay tuned – and keep the dates open!

  • More NSXPO 2012 Photos

    RSO 34 has some competition! NSX Prime member Climberao started another great picture thread. Expert analysis confirms that Climberao has a bigger telephoto lens than RSO 34… but does he know how to use it? You be the judge!

  • NSXPO 2012 – Follow it live!

    NSXPO 2012 – Follow it live!

    NSXPO 2012 is officially under way! Follow all the updates and pictures in the NSXPO Forum. Check out the RSO 34’s picture thread – often updated within minutes of the photos being taken! Attendees: be sure to text “follow nsxpo2012” to 40404 to receive announcements via Twitter. More to come!

  • NSXPO 2012 Registration is Open!

    The first NSXPO was held in 1997 in Colorado and out of that first wild, wild West gathering the NSX Club of America was born. Come celebrate the 15th anniversary of that event in an atmosphere of high altitude, high spirits and high-quality events from Sept. 13-18 in the Boulder, Colo., area. Highlights of NSXPO…

  • NSXPO 2012 Announced: See You In Colorado!

    NSXPO is the annual nation-wide event for the NSX Club of America. NSXPO 2012, the fifteenth annual NSXPO, is scheduled for September 2012 in Colorado. Every year NSXPO is by far the largest annual NSX event outside of Japan, with hundreds of people enjoying “everything NSX” for several days in a row. See you there! (Please note: NSX Prime…