Camera Mounts

What Camera Mounts Are Available?


[KM] I have the Comptech video camera mount and have used it now on two events: Road Atlanta and Mid Ohio (at NSXPO). I am very pleased with it. I have a 1997 model Sony Handycam with the anti-jitter feature and it provides a very smooth video at track events.

Suction-Cup Type

[DH – 99/5/11] Hama Universal Video Camera Mount, $94.95 from I/O Port Racing Supplies, 800-949-5712. Works pretty good. I have one in the other car. I was amazed that a suction cup could hold the camera securely. Alex V. has one in his car.

Do-It-Yourself (Low-Tech)

[TH] This weekend, we had 3 NSX go out for a drive. I set up a video camera on the passenger side. The video turned out awesome. Here’s how you can make great looking videos without spending an extra $130 on a camera mount:

You need:

 1 Hi-8 camcorder w/ steady shot and hi-fi stereo, Preferably with an LCD screen.
 1 wide angle lens
 1 tripod
 3 bungee cords
 3 or more NSXs (any color will do :-)

Set the tri-pod on the passenger floor. Attach each bungee cord to each leg of the tri-pod. One bungee will attach underneath the passenger seat. The other two will attach nicely to the seat rail.

The nice thing about an LCD screen on the camcorder, it allows you to see what you’re taping. The steady shot really keeps the action smooth. On my video, you can see the front of the car bouncing due to imperfections in the road, but the video is steady. The wide angle lens let’s you get more of the horizon and the interior of the NSX. I panned the camera left and right as the other 2 NSXs passed along side. It looked very much like Gran Tourismo. I’m working on getting a rear view shot as NSX’s change lanes behind me. I think I’ll need to get an external mike to pick up more engine noise.

[RAP – 99/5/11] I had the sudden impulse to video one of my favorite local runs in the Santa Cruz, CA area and simply attached my unit to a camera tripod and set it on the passenger floor. I then moved the passenger seat all the way forward to lock it in place. Then I stuffed a sleeping bag around the legs of the tripod and …VOILA!

I flipped open the 4 inch monitor and was able to see it from my driving position. I did the run (around 7 miles of twisties with a few high speed straights) and when I played the tape I couldn’t beleive how stable the picture was. It was a blast to watch and I picked out a few driving flaws (my throttle control isn’t as good as I thought it was).