Brake Cooling

Removing Front Splash Guards

[BSD] Procedure for removing front splash guards. This should help your brakes cool better. YMMV.

  1. Lloosen front lugs
  3. Support front of car on jack stands
  5. Rremove front wheel
  7. Remove bolt holding brake line to bracket (12mm)
  9. Remove caliper mounting bolts (14mm) and support caliper from suspension. Don't let caliper dangle from brake line.
  11. Remove brake pads
  13. Remove caliper bracket bolts (17mm) and bracket
  15. Some people remove rotor (remove rusted screws first, if necessary). Others skip this step. Do whatever is easiest for you..
  17. Remove bracket holding brake line (10mm)
  19. Remove bolts holding speed sensor wire (10mm)
  21. Remove 4 Phillips screws holding splash guard to hub
  23. Remove nuts (14mm) holding hub into vertical suspension piece. They are on backside, next to where the speed sensor wire is.
  25. Remove hub
  27. Clean any debris from inside of hub (mine was almost totally clean after 74k miles)
  29. Check hub bearings for smooth operation and NO free play

Reassembly is opposite of removal.

Brake Ducting

[BSD] The "best" place for brake ducts to exit is right at the center of the rotor. You want "even" cooling and anywhere else promotes uneven cooling. This is FYI, not an attempt to tell people not do put ducts on unless they are perfect. Just do your best to get the air aimed to the center.

Installing Porsche 993 Brake Air Deflectors

[AW] The parts in question are Porsche #993-341-083-00 (left) and 993-341-084-00 (right). Hoehn Acura/Porsche charged me $11.56 each.

 After looking at a 993 on a rack to see how Porsche used this deflector, I noted that its  upper edge corresponded roughly to the center line of the  brake rotor, and that it's  outer edge terminated about 1-1/2 inches from the rotor backing plate. The deflector is  mounted with the part number molded into it's back reading upright.
 The NSX already has a small air deflector mounted to the front of each front lower A-arm  (although interestingly the shop manual refers to these as "shields" which they  undoubtedly are as well). The NSX deflector is mounted by two horizontal 6 mm bolts into  the front of the lower A-arm, and one vertical 6 mm bolt through a lug at the rear of the  deflector and into a threaded hole in the top of the lower A-arm.
 The Porsche part is held onto a 993 by two vertical bolts through lugs at its rear. It  turns out however that one of those lugs is close to where it needs to be to use the NSX's  vertical mounting point. All that's required is a metal bar with two 1/4" holes,  centers 7/8" apart, to extend the Porsche mounting lug to the threaded hole on the  NSX A-arm. I used a piece of 1/8"x1/2" aluminum (about 1-1/2" long), and  countersunk one of the holes so I could use a 1/4" flat-head screw to hold that end  of the bar to the underside of the Porsche deflector lug because I wanted to keep the  deflector mounted as low as possible. The other end of the bar attaches with the original  6 mm NSX bolt in its original location on the upper surface of the lower A-arm.
 With that done I used a scratch awl to punch through the deflector at the two threaded  holes in the front of the lower A-arm, drilled out the two  punched holes to  1/4", and fastened the deflector to the A-arm with the original 6 mm NSX bolts. This  of course isn't a particularly well-engineered attachment, since, unlike the original NSX  deflector and the lugs on the Porsche piece, there are no pressed-in metal bushings, so  you have a threaded fastener bearing against a piece of plastic. A lot of heat, a little  vibration and maybe some aging and that fastener will probably come out. For now I just  Loctite'd the threads and hoped for the best, but will eventually sink a couple heated  bushings into the plastic to make the anchoring more secure. Alternatively you could use 6  mm shoulder bolts like those that hold the NSX spoiler lip and license-plate bracket on. I  note though that the original deflector mounting bolts have the green  "anti-corrosion" coating, and thread into aluminum, which these shoulder bolts  do not in their original application.
 In any event, the new Porsche deflector hangs down a couple more inches into the  under-body airstream than the original NSX one, and, like the NSX one points pretty  directly at a couple holes in the brake backing plate that lead to the inside of the  center of the brake rotor, as well as at the general vicinity of the caliper: exactly  where you want LOTS of cool air flowing.

Do It Yourself