What NSX Books Are Available?

Acura produced two different "coffee table" books about the NSX when it was first introduced.

The first was given to sales prospects and intended to be the NSX sales brochure, even though it’s a hardback 12" x 12" book. The left third of the cover is black with a small "ACURA" logo, the right two thirds is metal, like foil covered with plastic, with a small "NSX" logo. The black spine has no writing on it. It’s about 50 pages (they’re not numbered). It has less text and detailed description than the technical information and development book, and more glossy pictures.

At the bottom right of the page of technical specs, it has the code "E4130. Printed in USA. 50M 7/90" and bears a 1990 copyright. This book is very common and was available brand new for $20 as late as 2001 or 2002. It does not seem to be available new anymore from regular distributors, and copies typically sell for $30 – $50 depending on condition.

The second was only given to owners and was intended to be a coffee-table book. It measures 10.5" high by 12" wide. The cover is black with a 1"x4" metal inset with the NSX logo on it. The spine says "ACURA" and "NSX" on it. It’s about 64 pages. The title page says "NSX: TECHNICAL INFORMATION AND DEVELOPMENT HISTORY", and that’s pretty much what it contains.

At the bottom of the last page, it says, "#E4131. Printed in USA" and bears a 1990 copyright. This book is much rarer since it was only given to owners. Copies typically sell for $125 – $150 depending on condition.

Since it is long out of print and difficult and expensive to obtain, this entire book has been scanned and below for your enjoyment. You’re welcome!

Another book was produced by BBC Enterprises (and not readily available in the US) was called "The NSX", ISBN 0951775103.  It has a black cover with an intro by L.J.K Setright, most of the writing by other British journalists. It was intended as a guide to selling the NSX for salespeople more used to selling economy cars. It has lots of great pictures, even more great pictures than the first two, comparisons with other exotics, comments from some F1 drivers information about Ayrton Senna’s involvement in development and testing the prototypes. Typically sells for $150-$200 if you can locate a copy.

Bruno De Prato also published a book titled “Honda NSX” as part of the Automobilia La Collection series, No. 30. April 1993, softcover, size 6″ x 8 1/2″, 72 pages. ISBN 88-7960-007-9. Published by:
Automobilia Srl,
Societa per la Storia e l’Immagine dell’ Automobile,
20125 Milano,
via Ponte 2 Seneso 25

Click here for a scanned sample

NSX Technical Information and Development History

Acura sent this book to purchasers of new 1991 NSXs. It was never sold or given out by dealers, so it is somewhat rare these days. When copies go up for sale now, they regularly fetch more than $100. The book contains a wealth of technical information on the design, development and production of the NSX.


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