Basch Boost

Basch Boost NSX Supercharger



  • EZ drop-in install [ 2+ hrs instead of all day ]
  • Compact Basch "clamp-on" design fits under engine cover
  • Low boost pressure [ only 5+ psi! ] for reliable and SAFE power
  • Design puts more boost on lower ='s more torque sooner
  • Includes Polished Coolant Tank
  • Available in RED (3.2L) and BLACK (3.0L) kits as well as polished
  • Custom Powdercoat available

Dyno Runs!

* All Dyno Runs on Dyno Jet

Beta Test Dyno Run #1 Other Mods Rear Wheel HP Rear Wheel Torque
3.0L 338.2RWHP @ 7800RPM
3.0L 248.4LB-FT @ 7100RPM
Comptech Exhaust

Beta Test Dyno Run #2 Other Mods Rear Wheel HP Rear Wheel Torque
3.0L 366.0RWHP @ 7500RPM
3.0L 263.0LB-FT @ 7000RPM

Beta Test Dyno Run #3 Other Mods Rear Wheel HP Rear Wheel Torque
3.2L 406.0RWHP @ 7800RPM
3.2L 284.0LB-FT @ 6900RPM
Comptech Cams, ARCti Exhaust, Comptech Cat Pipes, Big Throttle Body, Comptech Headers, GruppeM Fuel Injectors

The Basch Boosted Supercharger kit consists of all precision engineered parts.

  • All mounts are made exclusively from T-6 6061 billet aluminum
  • Drive shaft bearings are aircraft spec
  • The blower is made by Paxton, an industry standard in supercharger blowers, and is OEM to numerous auto manufacturers
  • SmartMapper included for fuel management

The Basch Boost Supercharger Kit comes with an industry first warranty.


"The warranty on the actual blower is whatever Paxton says, but my labor on the install is three years. Until further notice, buyers of the original Basch Boost Supercharger Kit will recieve one year of updates to the SC kit just like upgrades on your software, except at no extra charge.


"For example, if it is determined in 6 months that a bearing will probably only last 2 years and a better part is substituted in new kits, I will also make that new bearing available before a failure to people who purchased early kits with the weaker bearing, at no charge.


"Who else does this?? NOBODY BABY!!!"


-Mark Basch

     Supercharged for World Peac


Paxton NOVI Blower Information (from Paxton)

History: Of all the centrifugal brands out there today, Paxton has been around the longest. Until recently, all of their superchargers have used the same technology. Paxton superchargers use a planetary style step-up system using large ball bearings instead of gears. These bearings are very tightly packed and have a large knuckle gear to keep them in place. A self contained lubrication system helps to keep this step-up system cool. This design is among the most quiet and has been very popular over the years. Using heli-cut gears and advanced impeller designs, the NOVI series can create boost levels of over 27 lbs and supply over 1700 cfm of air flow. It can do this all day long with its improved reliability. Care and feeding is easy because it uses engine oil for lubrication, again like a Vortech. While these gears will make more noise than the "ball bearing" units, this can be either a plus or a minus depending on who you talk to. About the only down side to the NOVI units are their slightly more complicated installation.

Models Available: Paxton has recently narrowed its line down, and Paxton’s primary focus is on their NOVI series, which has three units that will work on everything from 200 hp Imports, all the way up to 1600 hp Pro cars. [NOVI-1000, NOVI-2000, and the NOVI-3000] The two smaller NOVI units are also available in reverse rotation to help this line work with just about any application. The "Basch Boost" kit for the NSX uses the NOVI-1000

Care and feeding: Paxton’s NOVI units, require almost no maintenance due to their engine supplied lubrication. Other than occasionally checking on the drive belt, there is nothing to worry about.

Installation: The installation of the Paxton "ball bearing" units is very simple, partly because of its self-contained lubrication system. The install of the NOVI unit is still very simple, but requires a little more work due to the oil supply lines.

Recommendations: Their NOVI units are great. These are definitely one of the better superchargers out there. For those building a serious street car or race car, the NOVI units are an excellent choice.


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