Why Doesn’t The Antenna Mast Fully Retract?


[HS] Lubricate the mast, then wipe the mast clean half a dozen times or so (retracting it each time). Just be sure to use some type of lubricant that doesn’t hold dust and dirt. I’ve found silicone lubricate spray (wiped on with a rag — several coats) to do the job best. Greases and oils will work for a time, then the dust and dirt clog things up again.

[DWG] I went to the dealer on Saturday and in less than five minutes the mast was fixed. All the tech did was slightly rotate, counterclockwise, the chrome nut with the two indents on it. Apparently, the tighter this nut is, the more friction on the mast. The nut is still tight to the touch, and my mast has never been happier.

[JM] This happened to me and ended up being a breakage of the nylon toothed cable that wraps around the motor spool inside. Required a replacement antennae mast. $36 from Hoehn & 10 minutes to replace, well detailed in the Service Manual.

[JWI] The plastic, toothed "tail" that wraps around the spindle had broken and the Acura replacement (mast only) is around $60. For the record, the entire assembly was $493 dollars!

My plan is to clean and lubricate the parts I can easily get to, reassemble and go. I am not sure, but I think this whole thing could have been done without removing the motor, but realized it too late, no harm done though.

 My Antenna Is Not Moving At All!

[MBA – 99/6/14] The antenna has one of two problems. Either it has a inoperable motor, very unlikely. Or it has a broken mast cord. Determining which is simple, assuming its stuck in the open position (up!!). Grab the center segment of the mast and try to move it without the other two segments moving. if you can move it more than a few mm, like 10 to 120 mm, then the mast cord is snapped. If all the segments are still locked together, then you have a dead motor (or fuse or radio, etc).

If all you need is a mast they are only $47, part number 39152-SM4-003. The "sm4" in the p/n sequence indicates originally an Accord #. If you go to Acura to purchase, you’ll get the same part, same part number in the same box, and though the MSRP is the same at both dealers the Acura dealers in my city charge a lot more, because they can. It’s dead simple to install, takes me about ten minutes.