Aftermarket Shift Knob

How Do I Replace The OEM Shift Knob?

[2001/7/15] The OEM shift knob is attached to the shift "stick" via the metalicized plastic ring that you see directly between the knob itself and the leather shifter boot. There are two clips on opposite sides along the circumference of the plastic piece.

 Inspect the replacement knob, become familiar with where the clips on the bottom  are located by holding it next to the existing, installed knob you are  replacing. The clips should be positioned at the front and back. i.e. 12 o'clock  and 6 o'clock. I used the thin long blade of a pocket knife, gently slid it  between the metalized plastic ring and the bottom of the shift knob. Pushing  slightly forward and then down, the back clip was released from the retainer and  the whole boot / metalized plastic ring dropped away from the shift knob. Screw  off the old shift knob, screw on the new one, snap the metalized ring and boot  back in place and you are done. End-to-end, less than 5 minutes ! 

OEM part number 54102 – SL0 – 003ZB, retail from dealer was $139.18 but, they dropped it by 20% and it was a little over $111.00. Personal choice, I preferred OEM over the available after market units. The original leather version looks and feels good. Besides, you don’t have to play around with unique solutions to re-attach the shifter boot to the shift knob.

How Can I Attach The Shift Boot To An Aftermarket Knob?

[AWL – 2000/1/7] The best way is to remove the center console panel, cut the zip tie that holds the shifter boot to the plastic piece, and then remove both the knob along with the plastic piece. This way, you can re-zip tie the shifter boot neck to the shift stick, and then put on the new shift knob. This has a more finished look a la the Zanardi NSX. This is what I have done with mine.

 Others have left the plastic piece on, but I just don't think it looks that nice, since  the shifter boot can "fall" over time (i.e. lose its shape), and droop down,  revealing the shift stick itself. Yet others have combated this shifter boot droop with  velcro to keep it up over time. I just don't like the look of the plastic piece with an  aftermarket shift knob, but it's just personal preference.

[RL] I cut a little donut shaped ring of Velcro. Hook side on the bottom of the knob ring (I have a Momo fake carbon fiber knob), loop side on the chrome boot ring. Also serves to cover the unsightly inside portion of chrome boot ring, and now looks good and keep the boot secured.

[BCH] I replaced mine too (Momo Shadow). Here’s what I did: Fold the boot upwards and then use velcro to attach the boot to the bottom of the shift knob. Works pretty well. But if you park the hard under the sun a lot the glue from the backing of the velcro may come off.

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