Brake light recall for 2017 NSX

Honda has announced the recall of all 2017 NSXs for a potential short-circuit issue with the center high brake light that can cause a blown fuse and inoperative brake lights.

  • 793 NSX vehicles affected in the United States
  • Center high mount brake lights will be replaced, free of charge
  • No related crashes or injuries have been reported

Acura will voluntarily recall 793 model-year 2017 NSX vehicles in the United States to replace the center high mount brake light, free of charge. A short-circuit may occur in the center high mount brake light, causing a blown fuse and deactivation of all brake lights. When this condition occurs, warning lights illuminate on the dashboard, and the engine will not restart after the ignition is turned off. Inoperative brake lights could increase the risk of a crash. Acura has received no reports of crashes or injuries related to this issue.

Acura is announcing this recall to encourage owners of affected vehicles to take them to an authorized dealer for repair as soon as they receive notification from Acura. Due to the relatively small number of affected vehicles, where possible, Acura will attempt to contact owners of affected vehicles by phone to schedule repairs. Owners of 2017 NSX vehicles can also determine if their vehicles require repair by visiting or by calling (844) 682-2872. Mailed notification to owners of any remaining unrepaired vehicles will occur in early November  2018.