Fewer than 68% of 1st gen US NSXs remain registered

There has been much speculation and educated guessing in the owner community in recent years about how many of the slightly less than 9,000 NSXs originally sold in the US remain on the road. Nationwide vehicle registration data recently obtained by NSX Prime puts the number at 6,081 which is slightly below 68% overall.

Here is the breakdown by model year:


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What happened to the other ~2,900 NSXs? Well certainly a handful are in museums and private collections. Some are probably owned but not driven for various reasons and thus the owners have not kept registration current. More than a few have also been taken out of the US, either temporarily or permanently (and either legally or illegally!) But the unfortunate majority are simply destroyed, parted out, or dismantled.

Fellow owners, go out and hug your NSX right now!