Ted Klaus: NSX Engine Compartment Inspired By Flux Capacitor

The engine bay of the new NSX, directly inspired by the Flux Capacitor

Ted Klaus, project leader for the new NSX, has acknowledged that the engine compartment layout was directly inspired by the flux capacitor from the DeLorean time machine in the Back to the Future films.

“Those [Back to the Future] films were very influential when I was young,” said Klaus.  “Every kid wanted a DeLorean with a flux capacitor. I included one in almost every car design I dreamed up over the years,” he added. “I wanted to be Doc Brown when I grew up. So it was only natural to include the design in the new NSX. While Honda wouldn’t let me use plutonium, the car still incorporates many groundbreaking new technologies, just like the original NSX. Some might even say it’s a car from the future.”

Ted Klaus has always dreamed of being Doc Brown

After some frustrating delays, Acura has announced that production of the new NSX is scheduled to begin this April, the first car ever produced at their new Performance Manufacturing Center in Ohio.

“I can’t wait to get the cars delivered to the lucky customers who have ordered them,” Klaus said. Leaning in, he confided “If my calculations are correct, when they go for the first drive in their new NSX, they’re gonna see some serious shi*t!”

Media attention has reached a crescendo following several months of media reviews of the test cars, with new reviews and articles coming out daily. Klaus recently acknowledged that he would also like to get the press cars into the hands of online media “influencers” such as the owner of the NSX Prime website, who has promised to write up a thorough evaluation of Acura’s new super car from the perspective of someone who has owned and loved multiple first generation NSXs over the last 20 years.

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