More Details on the new NSX

Here is a quick summary of what we learned today during the official launch of the new NSX at the NAIAS today.


  • This version of the new NSX project was launched three years ago.
  • The new NSX signals a renewed focus on Honda’s core DNA of being a “challenger brand.”
  • The project was centered around the original NSX heritage of supercar performance using new technologies and new materials.
  • All new NSXs for sale around the world will be manufactured at the new Performance Manufacturing Center (PMC) in Ohio. This is a purpose-built plant for new NSX production.


  • 3-motor Sport Hybrid SH-AWD
  • In the middle of development they decided to change to an all new power unit: 75-degree longitudinal twin-turbocharged V6
  • Dry-sump oil system for the engine
  • 9-speed dual clutch transmission with a direct-drive electric motor for the rear wheels
  • Twin electric motors up front, one driving each wheel
  • Total system output “north” of 550 HP
  • Electric motors allow for instantaneous acceleration
  • Integrated Dynamic System (IDS) to control power delivery with four modes: Quiet (all electric), Sport, Sport +, and Track
  • System will respond to all driver inputs: Acceleration, braking, and turning

Construction and Design

  • Multi-material chassis: Aluminum-intensive space frame with strategic use of ultra-high-strength steel and carbon fiber
  • All-aluminum suspension
  • Best in class center of gravity (CG) thanks to the new l0w-mounted powertrain layout. They call this layout the “Advanced Sports Package.”
  • Tires shown were Continental Sport Contact sized 245/35-19 front and 295/30-20 rear
  • The car was shown with composite two-piece rotors


Ted Klaus has previously made it clear that air management has been one of the key challenges in the design of the new NSX. Here is what he had to say about the car today.

  • Air flows in through the front to cool the two electric motors up there as well as front brakes, and exits out the vents on either side of the hood as well as the fender vents immediately behind the top of the front wheels, providing front downforce.
  • Air exiting from the front fender vents is aerodynamically managed so it stays attached to the side of the car and then flows into the large rear air inlets to feed the twin turbo V6.
  • Air exiting the rear is managed to increase rear downforce in combination with the integrated trunk lid spoiler and rear diffuser


  • Design goal was a Human Support Cockpit, designed from the driver out
  • Thin A-pillars contribute to a clear view out the front, similar to the original NSX
  • Form-fitting seats and a cockpit that wraps around the driver

Pricing, Production, and Delivery

  • There will be multiple versions available. Whether this just means different trim packages or something more radical like a Type-R or convertible was not clear.
  • Customers will be able to customize their NSX online and submit their order starting in summer 2015. Media test drives will also begin at this time.
  • Production begins fall 2015
  • First customer delivers will occur at the end of 2015
  • Pricing is expected to start around mid $150,000 USD

More details as we learn them! Feedback and discussion here.

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